Many folks ponder this question:  “Is it better to board my animals or have in-home pet sitting?”  There are various reasons they consider both options.  Below, is an easy breakdown comparison to help you decide which is the best choice for your fur family and budget.

COST:  Much of the time, it all comes down to total cost of service.  Sometimes, the bottom line is cheaper to board…but, not always.  By the time you include the cost of extras (which can include “belly-rubs” as an add-on service) and if you have more than one pet, the cost can equal or exceed the costs of hiring in-home pet sitting.

SPECIAL NEEDS:  Are you concerned that your pet’s medications are administered in the proper dosage at the right time?  Depending on the type of medicine, your vet’s office may be the best choice for your pet.  However, our pet sitters are adept at giving many types of meds, including insulin shots.  And, we schedule the appropriate times for visits to stay on schedule.  We don’t charge extra for this service.


cropped-Relieving-Pet-Parent-Guilt-since-2007-5.pngCONVENIENCE:  We deliver pet care to your door!  No need to transport your pets to-and-from the kennel.  No need to worry that your flight’s been delayed and you won’t get there before closing — thus, having to pay for another night of boarding.

HEALTH:  Your animals are at home, without exposure to other animals’ potentially contagious illnesses.  No need to make sure they have additional vaccines.  And, anxious animals will fare well at home, in their familiar environment and routine.

HOME CARE:  Having a sitter come to your home includes the added perks of home services:  retrieving your mail/newspapers/packages; watering houseplants and making your home look lived-in by rotating lights and window treatments.  And, having someone physically in your home to make sure everything is as it should be (no burst water pipes or downed trees and that the electricity/heat/AC working properly, etc.).

border-collie-672598_640FREEDOM:  For your pets — they aren’t in a confined space most of the day and night.  They have their usual space to sleep, roam and play at home.  And, for you — not having to take the extra time to pack up your animals and deliver them to-and-from the kennel, as you’re trying to get yourself ready for a fun vacation or for an important business trip.

When you look at all the great things having an in-home pet sitter does to improve your quality of life, we hope you’ll decide to hire us for your next pet care need.

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