How to Keep Your Pets Safe in a Hurricane – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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“A new forecast says the 2017 hurricane season could be worse than normal — and the potential impact on North Carolina could be increasingly troublesome. Both the Weather Channel and the National Weather Service say the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season, which begins June 1 and ends Nov. 30, will be more active than usual, and the number of named storms and hurricanes should be higher than usual.”  (from Charlotte Patch)

The best time to think about emergency situations is before they happen.  In this post, I’ll relay some easy ways you can prepare for this hurricane season, to have the greatest opportunity to keep your pets safe.


Make sure your cell phone, tablet, laptop, etc. are all fully-charged.  Keep the charging cords with your devices, so you’ll be sure to grab them, if you need to evacuate.

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Top-off all of your vehicles with gas.  In case you need to evacuate, you won’t have to take the time to stop along the way (and probably wait in long lines at the tank).  And, you’ll be all-set if fuel supplies run low in your area.

durham pet sitters


I suggest gathering all of your pet’s emergency supplies and putting them, together, inside your pet’s carrier.  If your pet doesn’t use/have a carrier, then, go ahead an put in another convenient place like near the front door of your home or inside your vehicle.  This way, you won’t be scrambling around many places of your home to collect everything and you won’t be likely to forget an important item.

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a)  PRESCRIPTIONS – Make sure you have all of your pet’s subscriptions on hand.  Get refills, if needed.  You’ll want to have enough to last at least 14 days.

durham pet sitters

b)  Food/Treats – Have enough food and treats gathered to last at least 14 days.  If prescription food, make sure to order in time to receive before the storm.

durham pet sitters

c)  Leashes/Harness/Carrier – Have these items handy to ensure you can easily secure your pet.

d)  First Aid Kit – You’ll want basic first aid supplies handy, in case of emergency.

durham pet sitters

Here at Lucy’s Pet Care, one of our mottos is that we “prepare for the worst and hope for the best.”  It has served us very well to have emergency protocols in place.  I’m hopeful these tips will help you feel more at-ease before a predicted storm.

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