Essentials You Must Include for Your Dog’s Health

Natural Supplements for your Dog’s Health


Do you provide your dog with daily Natural supplements?  If you don’t, you should start now.  Even if you feed your dog the highest quality diet, he is probably lacking in the area of supplements.  Feed your dog a commercial dog food diet?  Well, then you must provide your dog with supplements to keep him in tip top shape.  Don’t wait until your dog is suffering or in poor health to begin adding supplements to his diet.  Wondering how supplements may help your dog and what supplements you should provide to him?  Here’s a few!

Apple Cider Vinegar is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.  This must-have supplement promotes a strong immune system, and it prevents infections due to bacteria and fungus.

Glucosamine should definitely be considered for your senior dog or any dog that may be suffering from joint pain. This supplement promotes healthy cartilage in your dog’s joints.  Low glucosamine levels lead to osteoarthritis and other disorders of the joints.

honey-bee-469560_1280Honey will not only tempt your dog’s palate but it will provide your dog with many vitamins and minerals.  Vitamins such as A, B-complex, C, D, E and K are all benefits from honey!  And, it doesn’t stop there!  You can also count on lots of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, copper and more.  These are all essential for optimal health in your pet.


Resveratrol is known for its anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.  This supplement packs and powerful punch and can be found in over 70 different plants.  It’s also used to help control weight.

We all want our dogs to lead long, healthy lives.  One way we can promote good health in our dogs is by providing them with the supplements that will keep them healthy.  Remember, even the best commercial and raw food diets may be lacking in essential vitamins and minerals.  For more information about natural supplements for dos, please visit Natural Dog Health Remedies.

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