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Is Your Cat Bored? Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

Is Your Cat Trying To Tell You She’s Bored?

Humans have many boredom busters: we can read, watch TV, surf the internet, or talk on the phone. But unfortunately, when our pets get bored, they don’t have as many boredom busters at a paw’s reach. Often it’s the cat that suffers; most people walk their dogs, toss a tennis ball, or take them for a ride in the car for a change of scenery while the cat stays home.

Furthermore, we’ve been told oodles of times that cats are independent, standoffish, and like to be left alone. But if your cat is alone too often, she will get bored! Cat’s are very intelligent animals which means your kitty needs a lot of stimulation. It’s not hard to restore her zest for life, but first, we need to know the signs of boredom:

  • Inactivity and a lot of napping
  • Constant meowing
  • Over-grooming and other repetitive behaviors
  • Overeating
  • Destructive behaviors (including knocking things off tables, scratching the furniture, and so forth)
  • Having issues with your other pets

So what can you do if your feline is bored? Change things up a bit! It’s not difficult to give your kitty a more enriching environment.

Cats love to climb, so buy her a cat tree so she can survey her kingdom from up high. Get Fluffy a window perch or a hammock – she will spend hours watching what’s going on outside. Grow some cat grass or try catnip (not all cats love it). Leave out some paper bags and a few different-sized boxes for her to play in. Cats can be picky about their toys, so supply her with various kinds of toys to choose from. Remember, don’t just give your cat toys; play with her as well.

Your cat needs “people time” just as your dog does, so go ahead and play with Fluffy; I bet you’ll both enjoy it. Make the games a daily activity, and you’ll see a big difference in how your kitty engages in her world. Plus, those bad behaviors should diminish too.

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