Is My Cat Sleeping Too Much? – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

Hitting the Hay, Every Day!

Does it seem like your kitty is “cat-napping” all the time? If you’re wondering if this is normal cat behavior, rest assured, it is! Big and small cats are hardwired as predators. It’s natural for them to chase and hunt, and catching prey is an exhausting business.

Your average indoor house cat’s instincts are to conserve energy so they can have enough firepower when it’s time for a hunt (even if she is only moseying up to the food dish twice a day). Your cat knows she needs to conserve her stamina for the chase.

Your kitty is programmed to sleep between 15 and 20 hours a day! While most cats snooze a lot, they aren’t deeply asleep all the time. As most cat owners know, even though your feline appears to be asleep, she will spring to attention if anything unusual goes on in the household; that’s instinct too.

Cats are crepuscular, which means they are most active at dawn and dusk (prime hunting times). So, your kitty may sleep all day and be active most of the evening, which is good for her, not so much for humans trying to get some shut-eye! Cats are very social and adaptable, so your kitty may end up adapting to your schedule.

Should you worry if your cat appears to be sleeping most of the time? Just make a note of your cat’s sleep patterns now. Should those patterns start to change, there may be a health issue, which would be a good time for a vet visit.

Spice up your cat’s life and let them enjoy their predatory instinct by playing games with them at least a few times during the day (especially chase/hunting games). Most cats adore feather wands they can chase while you move them around. Some cats love laser toys; others become frustrated with them because there is nothing to catch. Almost all cats love toy mice – try a few to see what your felines preference is: fabric mice with catnip, plush, rubber, and those with squeakers are great. When you’re done playing these games with her, please give her a treat; because feline hunting usually ends with food!

Maybe our cats can teach us all to relax, catnap more often, and play with more zest.

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