How to Introduce a New Cat into the House – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care


How to Introduce a New Cat into the House!

Getting a new pet is pretty exciting but can also be exhausting. You are introducing your cat to a totally new environment, which can stress the cat out and give them a few unwanted coping mechanisms.  Even the ride home for a cat can be slightly traumatizing. During the ride home you should avoid reckless driving and blaring music.

  1. Be Patient.

Like it or not, your cat is going to take time to adjust to your home. You should prepare yourself for that. Stock up on cleaning supplies, don’t leave anything valuable out in the cat’s reach and give your cat some time to get used to the home. You might want to even cover the furniture with plastic for the time being.

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  1. Introduce Your Cat A Little At A Time:

It may be necessary to introduce your cat to your home gradually. Start by sectioning off the house or only letting the cat have access to one room. Once she gets comfortable with you and her surroundings, you can start opening up more of your home to your new cat!

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  1. Have a designated sleeping area.

Most cats choose several sleeping spots and are notoriously unpredictable as far as where they plan on napping next. You could try to to deter her from having a roam before napping by setting up a bed and sleep area specifically for her.  For people that have had cats before, you know that this may not guarantee that your cat sleeps in her designated sleeping spot. Soon your cat will start picking spots around the house, and you can start to use cloth or covers for those areas.

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  1. Other Animals.

Animals like fish, birds, rodents, etc. that your cat may be a little too interested in should be kept safe and secure away from any harassment. Cats that are spayed or neutered are normally more accepting of other likewise spayed and neutered cats.  Dogs and other ornery pets should be slowly introduced after your new cat feels comfortable in your home. Your cat should not be allowed to be cornered by other pets during the introductory period, even if they are playing. During this time you should tolerate no aggression from your other pets, because this could affect the adjustment of your cat to your home. Dogs should be on a leash while being introduced to cats, and the interactions should be monitored until they are used to each other. You should also reward the dog with good behavior with treats, and maybe let the dog smell the cats bed before introductions so the dog won’t be all in the cat’s face.

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  1. Family Members In The Home

Each family member should spend some quality quiet time with your new cat so they can bond and get comfortable with each other.

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  1. People coming in and out the home.

You probably should not have a houseful of guests while you have a cat getting used to your home. If this is something that is completely unavoidable, you should make sure your cat is in their secure space to make sure the cat doesn’t run outside.

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  1. Scratching

Cats need to scratch things, so you should go ahead and encourage her to use a scratching post, especially while getting used to your house. Your cat should be wearing claw caps while you are away to ensure that your cat is not damaging your stuff.

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And, don’t worry about those times when you’ll have to leave your fur babies at home!  Let us provide loving care for them, whenever you must be away.

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