How To Keep Your Indoor Pet Happy

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1. Make sure you make time for your pet.

You are a big focal point in your pets world! You should consciously try to make time for at least one play session a day with your pet. This is beneficial to you both as it can relieve stress, and also help with hyper active pets that will sometimes damage things in the home when cooped up too long. If you are unable to make time for your pet, consider having an at home pet service come check on your pet mid day.

durham pet sitters

2. Have enough toys for them

This is a good option depending on your pet. This is also beneficial to those who won’t always be there to physically play with their pets. It’s probably a good idea to rotate the toys out so they don’t get bored, as well as have a variety of toys. You will see what types of toys strike a chord with your pet over time. Every pet is different!

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3.Pet perches or access to windows.

If your pet is small and agile enough you could invest in a pet perch to give them viewing access to outside. If your pet is too large for a perch, maybe it’s possible for you to have a little stepping stool so your pet can look outside.

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4. Provide something for them to scratch.

It is natural for dogs and cats to want to scratch and dig. There are numerous scratching posts available in most pet stores. It is probably best if possible you have pet friendly furniture in the space your pet will spend most their time while you’re gone.

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5. Give them some space!

Please do not keep your pet in confined spaces for hours on end! Generally pets need a room or two to roam around. Think about the space available to you before you obtain a pet.

6. Make a screened in porch if possible.

If you are at all able, you could grant your pet access to a little piece of outside if you had a screened in porch. For cats, they have the cat enclosures for outdoors.

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7. Obtain some pet friendly DVDs.

This is a good idea if you are stepping out for an hour or two. Just pop one in before you go.

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8. Open the windows and curtains.

Again,the more outdoor exposure, even on small levels, the better.  (Did you know this is a service that’s included in our vacation care?  Just ask us to open/close window treatments and we’re happy to do so!)

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9. Supplements

Depending on what type of pet you have, it could be good to have supplements added to their diet. This is if they are unable to get the outdoor exposure they would normally in their natural habitat.

durham pet sitters

10.  Hire a Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

Whether it’s a regular workday or you’re going on vacation, your pet can get lonely and bored, when left alone.  Be sure to hire us to provide your pet with social stimulation, fresh air, exercise, mental stimulation and general TLC!  Click Here to book services!

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