When you choose us for in-your-home pet sitting rather than boarding, you might not realize the terrific additional services that are included for freeThese services can be worth hundreds….to thousands….of dollars!

durham pet sitters

I’d like to site a recent example of how our in-your-home pet sitter caught a serious problem that could have had disastrous outcome, if she hadn’t been making visits to the home.  Our sitter was making twice daily visits to care for a cat when she noticed a faint smell of gas, inside the home.  She called PSNC Energy and made arrangements to meet the technician at the home, that same day.  The technician discovered a stove knob had somehow been slightly jarred into the ON position.  The problem was fixed and the cat and home were safe and secure, once again.  Our sitter kept the homeowner in-the-loop with constant communications, throughout the process.  If this client had opted to take their cat for boarding for their 10-days away, this gas leak would not have been detected and there’s no telling what might have happened.

When you hire us for in-your-home pet care, you get so much more!  We’re there to keep eyes on your home, as well.  And, there’s no extra charge for the extremely valuable perk!

Ready to get the very best care for your pets and home?  Call us, TODAY!

durham pet sitters

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