When moving to a new home, there are quite a few things to think about. For one, you may have to sell your existing home or find a tenant for it. The house has to be ready to show. There are loads of things to pack and possible repairs to consider. When you add a dog to the mix, it can be complete chaos. However, there are a few ways to prepare your pup for the move and keep your sanity.

Prep Them for the Move Early

A great way to prepare your dog for the upcoming move is to get them in the habit of staying at new places. Having your pup stay at a friend’s house can help them get used to new environments and feel safe in other places. You can stay at your friend’s house with the dog to add more stability.

Kim Panes Real Estate Team talks about how when moving to a different place, it is common to want to buy new furniture and towels for your new home. However, you should limit that to your own things. If you want to settle your pup into this new environment, it is important to keep their old bed, toys and bowls for at least a few weeks.

Home Showings

If you are selling or leasing your house and giving prospective buyers or tenants tours, you will have a lot of traffic coming in and out of your home. A dog can become scared or agitated with so many new people entering what has been a private space. The Loved Dog explains that a great way to prepare your dog for this is to crate train them a few weeks before your first showing. Proper training beforehand can ensure that problems won’t show up later.

It is also important that the dog gets a lot of outdoor time. Moving houses requires significant activity and numerous interactions with new people. Keeping your home tidy for showings forces the dog to spend more time in the crate. Frequent walks can counteract this. They help dogs to become less agitated and more relaxed.

Hire a Pet Sitter

Moving day is one of the most stressful days in a person’s life. How do you think it looks from a dog’s perspective? The best way to handle it is to plan ahead. On The Move Moving and Storage recommends that packing should be a human-only activity. Dogs can chew and eat tape, boxes, packing filler, cords and more, which can be annoying at best and fatal at worst.

Consider getting a pet sitter for your dog. Ideally, it should be someone they’re familiar with already. Taking your pup to a location that is clean and calm is a great idea. It lowers the risk of them accidentally running away or getting hurt during the move. You’ll also have someone you can trust giving your pet the attention they need during this stressful time. Taking these extra steps will ensure your dog remains comfortable and safely out of the way.

When changing your residence with a dog in tow, it’s important to consider their well-being. Hiring a pet sitter and crate training them are great ways to make them comfortable. With careful planning, you can make the move as painless as possible for your pet.

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