HalloweenIt’s hard to believe that Halloween is already coming up and will be here next weekend.  Usually, this day is full of spooky events and is mostly a harmless holiday to which everyone looks forward.  It gives us a chance to dress up as our favorite character or haunt, eat tons of candy and basically just have a killer time with friends or family.  However, you need to make sure your to keep your pets safe on Halloween, the spookiest night of the year.


  1. Keep them inside: Make sure to bring your cats and dogs in the house on Halloween night, if not a few nights before and after. Neighborhood pranksters often take the mischief of the night out on innocent pets they come across.  This is a terrible, but avoidable stress for your pets if you bring them in.
  1. Set up a special space: Cats and dogs alike are easily alerted by the sound of the door.  Halloween is the busiest night of the year for your front door and can make your pet tense.  Not only that, some pensive pets can get frightened by the costumes.  They don’t understand who all these little funny looking creatures are or why they are ringing their door bell every few minutes asking for candy. What we like to do at our house is set our cats up in our room with comfy blankets and plenty of food, then we shut the door until we turn out the light. My cats are indoor/outdoor pets, so I like to give them a can of “treat food” to give them a little extra pampering and ease the boredom of being stuck in the bedroom.
  1. Check their ID’s: If somehow your pet gets out of their safe space and they jet out the door or if someone lets them out (either accidentally or on purpose) an ID can help bring them home sooner than if they didn’t have a tag.  Just like if you were lost and not able to communicate, having your ID or license with you would answer a lot of questions really quickly.  So, without doubt it is a good idea to make sure your pet’s ID tags are up to date.


Even though Halloween is often just a pretend scary holiday to us, it can be a serious scary holiday for your pets.  Make sure to keep watch that they are safe and sound away from the hub bub they should be just fine and you’ll be set to enjoy your Halloween night.


Happy Halloween Everyone!

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