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How to Choose the Best Puppy for Your Family

addysonTraits to Look for in Your Prospective New Puppy

You have taken the first step towards becoming a new parent to a new puppy — making the decision to add to your family.  First of all, Congratulations!  Becoming a pet parent is such an exciting time! You have probably already done some research on different breeds and which dog best fits your lifestyle.  But now, comes the hard part – choosing “the” puppy from the adorable litter.  This decision shouldn’t be entered into lightly, as your new fur baby will be your responsibility and part of your family for 15+/- years.

Often times, when people are choosing a puppy they allow their heart strings to do the choosing for them.  We get that, but you must keep in mind that not every puppy will be right for you.  You must select a puppy whose breed and temperament will match up with you.

  • First of all, you should spend a good 10 – 15 minutes with the available pack of puppies, even those that are already spoken for, so you can see how the available puppies interact with their litter mates or other puppies, as well as their approach to you.
  • The puppy that runs up to you first will most likely be the alpha of the litter. The puppy that approaches you and then leaves might be confident or a little too confident.  An over confident dog might not take too kindly to following directions and this is especially troublesome if you’re the laid back, chill-out type of personality.
  • A puppy that shows more interest in chewing on your shoes than interacting with you may not be the best for you either. This type of puppy will need a lot of exercise and plenty of training.  This puppy will NOT be easy going!
  • A puppy that is afraid to approach you will most likely be the puppy that lacks confidence. This may present a problem for you later on as this puppy may act out of fear and quite possibly always want to avoid noise, commotion and even children.  However, depending on your lifestyle, you don’t necessarily have to rule this dog out.  Additionally, if you’re up for some intense training, definitely go for it.  You just want to keep in mind that choosing the wrong puppy will be more detrimental to him than you.  Basically, have an idea of what personality type you are looking for before you show up.  If the puppy is hyper, he’ll mostly likely grow into a hyper adult dog.  On the other hand, if the puppy is laid back and relaxing, he’ll be more like that when he grows up too.
  • You should look for a puppy that is playing nice with his little pack. If you choose a puppy that‘s a bully, he’ll be prone to being aggressive as an adult dog too.  Dominant puppies require much more training as you work to establish your position as pack leader.  The last thing you want is the puppy trying to rule the roost, so to speak.

Wow, choosing a puppy isn’t as easy as you thought it might be, is it?  There’s a mound of information out there that you should really consider before choosing a puppy.  Here are some additional resources to help you with the process:

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Once you’ve selected your new puppy, be sure reserve your Puppy Care with us!

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