cat proofHow to Cat Proof Your Christmas Tree

Naturally, cats love trees. They must be euphoric when they spot that tree with all of those dangling and glittering things.  I’m sure they’re thinking that they have just struck the cat toy lottery!

Okay, so cats may not really understand the purpose of a Christmas tree and they certainly don’t understand that those shiny bulbs aren’t hanging up there for their pleasure!  So, as you can imagine, it’s pretty important cat proof your Christmas tree before you end up with broken ornaments shattered on the floor, with your tree toppling over, or your beloved kitty getting injured. In many cases, if there is anything your kitty really wants or really wants to do… chances are, you’re not going to stop it.  Is anything ever really cat proof?  However, you can make it more difficult for any destruction or injury to happen.

Here are some tips on how to do just that:

We hope a few of these tips will help keep your tree cat proof, this year!  Do you have any tried and true methods that keep your cat out of the tree?  We’d love to hear! Good luck on your mission and Happy Holidays!

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