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Hot Car Safety Tips for Dogs

hot car safety tips

Even though it is technically still spring, we have already had some summer like temperatures here in the Carolinas. Summer may still be weeks away, but when the heat waves strike, the temperatures inside of your vehicle becoming increasingly dangerous.  It’s important you know these hot car safety tips for how to keep your pet safe in the rising temperatures when you’re taking them out and about in the car.

Knowing when they can go or when to keep them at home

It gets hot a lot quicker than you think. Did you know that even on a 70° day temperature climbs to 104° in just 30 minutes? On a 90° degree like we’ve had recently, it only take 10 minutes to reach 109° and within 30 minutes it can be a scorching 129°.  When a dog’s internal temperature reaches 109° or higher they could easily turn to heat stroke. Dogs don’t cool down like we do because their sweat glands are limited to only their nose and pads of their feet instead of all over their body like humans. This causes them to overheat much more quickly.

If the temperatures are over 70° it’s best to keep your dog at home if you’re planning to leave them in the car for a trip to the store.  Even cracked windows don’t do enough to decrease the heat on a warm day.

What to do in case you see a pet trapped in a hot car

It’s actually illegal in North Carolina — the NC statute 14-363.3 states that “an animal that is confined in a motor vehicle under conditions that are likely to cause suffering, injury, or death to the animal due to heat, cold, lack of adequate ventilation, or under other endangering conditions” is illegal.

  • Take down the vehicle information (color, make, model, & license plate number)
  • Go in the store and have the owner paged
  • If you can’t find the owner call the authorities
  • Take action if the authorities are taking too long and your fear for the dogs life
  • Remove the dog from the heat and wait for help
  • Have someone wait at the car while you take the dog inside for air conditioning and water

Awareness of the dangers of hot cars is key to helping save pet lives all across the country. The heat can be deadly and there is no reason for more innocent pets to die in hot cars.  Help share the word,

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