Holistic medicine involves a variety of disciplines including homeopathy, herbal remedies, massage therapy, nutrition, laser light therapy, and acupuncture. Although most commonly used for people, {holistic health techniques} are easily applied to pets.

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How Holistic Techniques Can Help Pets

Holistic means treating the whole body. Holism is defined by the theory that every part is so interconnected that they cannot be understood or treated without looking at the whole, which leads to treatments that address more than just the area that is causing a problem. Many pet owners are now having their pets treated conventionally and holistically. Pet owners have found with diseases like cancer, traditional and holistic techniques have shown promising results. Nawiliwili Nelson was rescued by his owner when he lived in Hawaii and was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given three months to live. His owner chose holistic and traditional medicine to treat him, and he survived comfortably for 18 months.

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Laser light therapy and acupuncture are helping dogs to increase blood flow and stimulate nerve endings. Hormonal issues, joint pain, and weakness, and anxiety are among the medical problems successfully treated holistically. Veterinarians are finding that both types of medicine can successfully treat many pets. A pet with hyperthyroid or hypothyroid problems could be treated with acupuncture and herbal supplements to balance the hormonal system while being given doses of thyroid pills.


Diet To Treat Diseases

A natural diet can help to keep your pet from developing health problems. Feeding pet foods designed for that species is important. A lot of natural foods on the market are developed specifically for cats or dogs. You should read the ingredients on the label before switching your pet to a new diet and do it gradually to avoid digestive upsets.

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There is increasing evidence that nutrients in food and genetics can prevent disease in pets. Nutrigenomics is a new science that examines how nutrients in foods and the genetic composition of different breeds of animals can interact. Researchers are working to discover how specific nutrients could assist in preventing serious diseases in pets. Utilizing this science is helping scientists to learn more about genetic diseases. 

Additionally, you might want to see how well your dog may take popular holistic treatments that can be consumed. One particularly popular product that has been used on dogs before has been CBD oil which has many benefits, such as being anti-inflammatory and can help prevent airway obstruction. Just remember that you would need to check with your vet first before giving this to your dog.

When To Talk To Your Vet

Medical issues can come up at any time. If you pet isn’t feeling well or has been injured, talk to your veterinarian. A lot of people rely on online forums which is helpful for everyday issues that arise, but other pet owners don’t always offer the best advice. For example, a minor injury may be taken care of with stitches and antibiotics; it’s better to have a veterinarian examine your pet. Otherwise, a serious infection could result. When your pet isn’t behaving normally or is injured, talk to your veterinarian immediately.

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