Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Holiday Pet Safety Tips


Holiday Pet Safety Tips.  It’s finally here, Christmas Day!  And, New Year’s is right around the corner.  With all the festivities, it’s easy to overlook some simple safety tips that will keep your pets out of harm’s way this holiday season.  Our furry family may love the extra attention and treats they get this time of year; but they don’t always understand it or know what to watch out for when it comes to those strange decorations, loud noises, and all that seemingly tasty food.  Here are some Holiday Pet Safety Tips to help you know what to watch out for this week while you celebrate with your family.


  • Gifts & Decorations:

Ribbon, tinsel, and strings are a staple in most homes during the holidays.  However, they can be very harmful to your pets.  Not only can they get tied up and possibly choke, they could ingest them which could cause some major problems if it gets wrapped around their insides.  Also watch out for toxic plants; Holly, Mistletoe, Poinsettias, and even Christmas Tree Needles are unsafe for your pets.  All of them can cause severe gastrointestinal problems or oral irritation, confusion or lethargy, even death.  So if you have these in your home make sure to keep them far away from your pets or go the safe route and stick to the synthetic version.


  • Food:

Second only to spending time with your loved ones, food is a favorite of any holiday gathering.  And your pet’s pleading eyes are usually staring at you from below as you prepare a plate.  It may be extra tempting this time of year to give your pet table scraps or let them be your “pre-wash” for the dishwasher, but you should think twice about giving your pet too much of our rich foods.  A sudden change in diet or foods thick with sugar or spices will no doubt give your pet a sore tummy.  Also check all artificially sweetened foods for the ingredient, Xylitol, as it is lethal to your pets and shouldn’t be anywhere near them.  Lock it up tight or throw it out.  Also, one last food safety tip is to take out the trash immediately after prepping or cleaning up from a meal.  This will deter your pet from trying to get at the “goodies” inside and possibly ingesting something harmful like bones or string.


  • New Year’s Eve:

New Year’s Eve is a huge salutation, signifying the end of the holidays and the start of a New Year.  Another event full of food and merriment for us can be confusing and downright scary for your pets.  Fireworks are extremely popular on New Year’s Eve and can frighten your pet so much that they will be skittish for days.  If you’re having guests over, set them up a room away from the commotion to keep them safe and at ease.  Turn on the TV or a radio; give them lots of treats and toys to keep them distracted from fireworks and loud guests.  Make sure your pets are secured and NOT tied up in the yard.  When fireworks start going off they could easily get tied up and strangled trying to away.  One more safety tip is to make sure their tags and ID’s are up to date.  Local shelters see a sharp increase during the holidays of domestic animals turning up because they got out during a party or when the fireworks started. Making sure they are easily identifiable will make all the difference in getting them home safely and quickly.

Keeping our family safe during the holidays is always our main concern, if not for our family the holidays wouldn’t be half as fun.  No one wants to ring in the New Year with worry or regret and by following these few easy safety tips you should be set.


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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