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Hamster Care – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

durham pet sittersHamsters are low maintenance in comparison to other pets, but it’s imperative that the needs that they have are met. Hamsters are inexpensive and not as time consuming to care for as other pets and are social once you are able to get them acclimated to you.

One of the first things you’ll need to care for your hamster is a large cage with plenty of room for them to run around. You’ll need to clean the cage every week in order to keep in clean. In addition, you should have a properly sized hamster wheel for their exercise.  Hamsters teeth are constantly growing so it’s also important to have something for them to chew on.

durham pet sitters

Every day you’ll need to give them fresh food and water; Hamsters have a specific diet made of seeds and proteins, so it’s important that you stick to what they need. While you need to pay attention to your hamster, it’s also crucial that you let them sleep. Hamsters are nocturnal so please let them sleep during the day and save your attention and love for when they are awake.

durham pet sitters

All of this will improve the likelihood of the hamster living out the maximum amount of their lifespan. Hamsters generally live two to three years.

Signs of illness in your hamster may manifest itself as loss of appetite, inactivity, huddling in a corner, a ruffled or unkempt coat, sneezing, wheezing, and/or discharge from the nose or eyes, wetness around the tail, diarrhea, and hair loss. If your hamster is showing these signs it is best that you take them to a vet immediately. The VCA Legion Road Animal Hospital and The Avian and Exotic Animal Care + Veterinary Hospital are two in the area that service hamsters.

durham pet sitters

If you have travel plans and are looking for care for your hamster while away, be sure to call on us!  We’ll come to your home and provide TLC for all of your pets!

durham pet sitters

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