What Gives the Better Warning Signs: Pets or Alarm Systems?

Dogs have always been man’s best friend. They’ve been utilized as a welcomed alert system to protect one’s life and property way before home alarm systems were even thought about. However, with the recent advancements in the technological field, it raises security questions. What alert system is more effective, the dog or the electronic home security system?

A Note About Homeowner’s Insurance

Regardless of what alert system is better, it’s important to note what effects they have on your homeowner’s insurance. If you get an electronic security system from ADT direct sales, you can expect to see a drop in the insurance rate for your home. The more intricate your system, typically the bigger discount you receive. For example, flood sensors, video surveillance, and fire detectors can all play a role in reducing your insurance costs. These early warnings are what make ADT home alarm systems so valuable as compared to other security methods.

On the contrary, many homeowner insurance companies will not issue any sort of discount for watch dogs. They are considered a risk as they are capable of injuring neighbors or visitors to the home. In fact, some homeowner insurance companies actually have a list of aggressive dog breeds that will raise your rate if you have them staying at your home.

Long-Term Expenses

While your initial reaction may be that an alarm system will be more expensive than a dog, this isn’t particularly true. During the initial setup stage, an alarm system can cost more for installation. However, after the system is setup with all the features you desire, monitoring is fairly cheap per month.

When you compare this to a dog it can get surprising. While you may not pay upfront to purchase a dog as you would rather get one from the ASPCA, it takes maintenance costs. Dogs require food, toys, vet bills, and other care. Dogs are a whole new responsibility that you have to undertake. Whereas with a security system, the monitoring firm does the hard work for you.


When a burglar breaks into a home, they will trip the alarm system. It typically takes more than five minutes for a first-responder to arrive. The response time highly depends on certain factors. These include your location, how quickly the monitoring company called the police, the location of the responding officer, and traffic.

If a burglar is experienced, it’s likely they know the average response time for your home’s location. In five minutes, they can certainly enter your home, grab valuable items, and flee before a first-responder arrives. With a dog, there is at least a barrier there to deter the criminal or to injure them until the officer arrives.

The debate between whether a watchdog or an alarm system is better for your home’s security will continue to go on with advocates in both corners. However, one great solution is to get both. This way you can get the benefits of an alarm system and a watchdog for the ultimate home security system.

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