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The weekend is drawing to a close and your garage sale customers are starting to dwindle.  You’ve had a successful garage sale…but, there are some unsold items.  Now you’re wondering, “What am I gonna do with all of this stuff?!”  Here are some ideas to help you get rid of the rest of your unwanted things.


durham pet sitters

List for Sale on Craigslist:  Just about everything is fair game to post for sale, so it’s worth a shot to try to find a buyer via Craigslist.  You can create a listing for free, so you’ve got nothing to lose!

Ebay:  List your stuff on this massive selling site.  As with Craigslist, you can list just about anything for sale.  And, you can choose to take bids or set your price.

durham pet sitters

Consignment:  Make an appointment with your local consignment store (home furnishings, clothings, accessories, etc.) and take your items to sell via their store.  Or, you can use an online consignment store such as The Real Real.

Sell Directly to an Online Site:  If you have designer handbags, clothing, etc., you can get quick cash by selling directly to a site such as Rebagg or Yoogi’s Closet.

Online Sites:  You can also utilize other online sites and apps to list and sell your clothing, shoes, etc.:  Tradesy, Poshmark, Mercari, etc.


durham pet sitters

Play It Again Sports:  You can take any sports/exercise equipment and see if they’ll purchase from you.  It might not be much money, but, at least it’ll be some change in your pocket.

Flea Market:  Rent a booth at a flea market, such as the NC Flea Market.   Although, it will cost you to rent a space, you’ll have a great chance of getting tons of customer traffic.


durham pet sitters

Blankets, Sheets, Pillows, Towels, etc.:  To your local animal shelter.  They are always in need of such items to provide warmth and clean-up care supplies for their sweet pet residents.

durham pet sitters

Old Vehicles:  Whether your vehicle is running or not, you can contact WCPE and they will come pick it up and haul away.

Women’s Professional Attire and Accessories:  You can take your gently-used business attire to Dress for Success.  All items donated are freshly dry-cleaned or laundered and ironed, not more than 5 years old, and suitable for wearing to job interviews.

durham pet sitters

Miscellaneous Bits and Bobs:  The Scrap Exchange might take many items that you’d otherwise toss out.  Click Here to see a list of items they accept.

durham pet sitters

Curbside:  Set stuff out by your curb with a sign to encourage folks to help themselves!

What other ideas do you have to get rid of unsold items?  Comment, below!


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