How to Gain Back the Lost Hour from Daylight Savings Time – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

It’s that time of year, again…Daylight Savings Time!  Early Sunday morning, the clock hands “spring forward,” and we lose an hour.  Sure, the result is more daylight in the evenings (thus, the name “Daylight Savings”), but, we still have lost time in our day.

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Well, no need to fret about that precious 60-minutes!

We have a solution to help you gain back that time!

The plan goes like this….simply hire us to walk your dog!  Yep!  We’ll take care of your pup while you take care of other important or fun activities in your life!

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And, this time savings applies year ’round!  Think of all the other things you can be doing while we’re taking care of your dog!  Enjoy lunch with your coworkers or friends; luxuriate with a mani/pedi; indulge in some retail therapy; impress the boss by working through your lunch hour; etc.  Hiring us will earn you so much more life enrichment than the small cost of our services!

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Ready to let go of your pet parent responsibilities and allow us to win you back time?  Click here to get started!

durham pet sitters

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