Fourth of July Safety Tips for Your Durham Dog

Fourth of July Safety Tips for Your Durham Dog

fourth of july safety tips

Fire up the grill and pull out the sparklers, it’s time for food, family, friends, and fun! The 4th of July is a great time to celebrate American life with our loved ones. We may be having a blast, but your dog sees it differently. Make sure to know these Fourth of July safety tips to keep everyone safe and happy.

Don’t bring them to large parties or firework shows

While we may love crowds of our favorite people watching fireworks shoot in the air, your dog on the other hand, not so much. In fact, it can be extremely stressful for them, that’s why it is better to not include them in these activities.

Set them up a safe quiet place at home

Whether you’re having friends and family over or going to a festival to celebrate the 4th, it’s good to set your pets up with a quiet, comfy area inside. If your neighborhood is especially loud on the fourth (I know mine is!) then turn on the TV or radio down low for them. It will help drown out the noise of the fireworks so they don’t get too nervous.

Do not tie them up or leave them in the yard

If your dog is mostly an outdoor dog, set him up a little shelter in the garage or shed (just put any toxic items up high). If he is tied up or in a fenced yard he could get hurt or strangled trying to escape to a place he thinks is safer.

Update tags and microchips

If something happens and he does happen to get out of the yard or house, it’s very important that he can be easily identified so he can get back home ASAP. If your dog is frightened by the commotion, he could flee at any chance.  If he isn’t micro-chipped yet, it’s probably a good time to get that done at your vet. And update tags or collars if they are out of date of hard to read.

We are blessed not only to live in America, but also to share our lives with our fur babies, so we need to make sure to keep them safe while we’re celebrating. Arming yourself with these Fourth of July safety tips will help everyone stay safe and sound this summer.

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