Are You Ready to Become a Foster Pet Parent?

Foster Pet Parent


Becoming foster pet parent is a temporary, yet considerable, commitment for both you and the foster pet. A foster home for pets is an incredibly important part of their adoption process. Having a safe home where they can socialize and learn a routine is key to make sure they can successfully be adopted.  If you’re thinking about taking on this rewarding responsibility, there are a few things you need to consider.

How To Decide

First you need to ask yourself some simple questions about their needs and exactly how much time, energy and love you can give them. Although it’s a wonderful to help rescue animals, it can be hard and stressful at times.  You need to make sure you can offer stability and attention while they transition.  For some of these pets, this is their first time in a safe home with a routine and people to care for them, and it can be a lot for them to take in.  A lot of people who decide to foster already have animals, so make sure your pets have the personality that will be accepting or adaptable to newcomers.

What to Prepare

If you do have other pets, make sure that all their vaccinations are up to date.  Make sure to pet proof your house for the new addition.  Hide wires; put toxic plants or cleaners in a locked cabinet or up high on a shelf; keep shoes, strings or anything they could chew on in a closet.  Even if you have pets and feel your home is pretty safe, get low and try to see if there is anything a new and curious animal may find interesting. Your pets are used to your home and know the rules, whereas, a foster pet will want to explore his new environment and can get into mischief. You may also want think about getting baby gates or crates to give him a safe space. Make sure your calendar is clear of extra activities for at least a week so you can give him the care and attention he needs while getting settled.

Which Pet to Choose

If you have a certain breed in mind, you can research purebred pet rescue groups in your area.  Take some time to research the breed and their traits to decided if that breed will be a good fit your family.  You need to make sure the temperament (hyper, chewer, digger, relaxer) and needs (young, old or ill) is a suitable match for you life.  Also, call your local humane society for information about the different type of pets in your community that need foster care.

The best part of becoming a foster pet parent is that you are freeing-up space in a shelter for another animal in need.  It may be difficult at times, but overall, it can be one of the best decision you make, if you’re prepared.

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