Fact and Fiction About Fleas and Ticks – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

Test your knowledge – try and guess if these statements are fact or fiction.

Fleas are harmless.

Fiction! Fleas can cause more than just itchy skin and allergies; they can also spread tapeworm and bacteria. Worse, they feed on blood and can cause anemia in puppies and kittens.

Fleas and Ticks are a problem all year long.durham pet sitters

Fact! Both fleas and ticks can be active all year round (depending on the weather) and will survive in a cold climate.

Ticks are only found in the woods.

Fiction! Ticks like grassy areas and live in both your yard and in the woods.

City pets or indoor pets don’t need flea and tick protection.

Fiction! They are everywhere, even in cities. Some ticks spend their entire lives indoors at kennels or the groomers. Flea and tick control is essential for every pet.

durham pet sittersA few fleas are not a problem.

Fiction! The truth is you may only see a few fleas, but where there are a few, there are likely to be hundreds more. FYI, most infestations happen on carpet, bedding, and furniture – where they can be hard to see.

All ticks carry disease.

Fiction! While many ticks do carry disease, not all of them do. The problem is you don’t know which do and which don’t!

Fleas and ticks are only a problem for our pets.

Fiction again! These critters can find humans in the home and cause illness for us too.

Ticks transmit disease as soon as they touch your pet.

Fiction! Ticks have to latch on to your pet, which usually takes a few hours, then they need to have a meal on your pet; this can take up to a day.

Fleas and Ticks can jump on you or your pet.

Fact and Fiction. Fleas are jumpers. Ticks crawl, but they are faster than you imagine.

Flea and tick medications are poison.

Maybe. These medications are undoubtedly toxic to fleas and ticks. Pets occasionally have reactions to them. Always use these medications exactly as directed. Visit the vet and discuss your options, including natural products. Whatever method you choose, be vigilant.

The fact is, to keep our pets pest free and healthy, we have to be on top of fleas and ticks. Always feel your best friend for fleas and ticks when you pet them.

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Check both yourself and your pet when you come in from a walk. Always keep your pet’s bedding clean and vacuum frequently!

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