Ewww, My Cat Keeps Using My Bed As a Potty!

Ewww, My Cat Keeps Using My Bed As a Potty!

Our bedroom is supposed to be a relaxing sanctuary, but when your kitty has repeated “accidents” on the bed, it doesn’t seem like much of a haven.

Sadly, inappropriate bathroom behavior is NOT unheard of among cat owners. As always, the first order of business is to try and figure out why this is happening.

Here are some possibilities:

We’ve talked before about litter box issues, and that is often the problem. Your cat does not like to feel cramped in her box, so make sure it’s large enough for her. Some cats hate covered boxes; try a few different styles. Your feline friend wants a spotless box, scoop it frequently. She may not like the box location; most cats prefer a low traffic area. You can also try a new type of litter and consider adding a second box in a different location.

Cats often stop using their boxes when they are stressed or anxious. Have you added a new pet or person to your family? Did you rearrange the furniture? Try and determine what has changed, and if that change took place around the time your cat started having accidents.

A simple fix may be closing the bedroom door. Or put a piece of plastic or a shower curtain on the bed (most cats don’t like them). Lastly, you could try some of the calming products that are on the market. You can find a few of them here.

If your kitty isn’t neutered, talk to your vet about it. This is often helpful for male cats that tend to mark their territory.

Be patient; it may take a month or so for your cat to break this habit. If the above tips don’t help, then it is probably time for a trip to the vet to see if your cat has a health issue.

Try the above tips, be patient, and you should be able to take your sanctuary back.

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