Many people use essential oils in diffusers and on their bodies daily for personal as well as health reasons. Some even recommend using essential oils on pets for similar effects. But just like avocados are bad for dogs, yet good for humans, can they do more harm than good? Current data suggests that using certain essential oils on pets is safe and beneficial, but only if using they are used properly.

Benefits of Using Essential Oils on Pets

Plants produce natural chemicals that repel harmful insects. Essential oils are those plants in ultra-concentrated form, which can help repel insects much more effectively when used on pets. Additionally, many oils promote relaxation, healthy skin, and even help soothe joint pain.


It’s crucial to use high-quality, therapeutic grade essential oils like doTERRA products. Low-grade oils use synthetic products, which could irritate the skin or be toxic to animals. Also take care to dilute essential oils heavily before using on a pet. Animals are smaller than humans, but they absorb chemicals much faster and their sense of smell is far superior, so less is needed.

Always consult a holistic veterinarian or speak with a veterinarian familiar with the health of the pet before using essential oils.

Essential Oils for Cats

essential oils for cats

The list of essential oils acceptable for cats is extremely limited, but there are some acceptable oils. The essential oils that people use on cats are typically to help reduce anxious feelings and promote healthy skin. Always consult a veterinarian prior to using any essential oils on a cat.

This is a basic list of essential oils recognized as generally acceptable for cats. However, keep in mind that this is not for all cats and may vary depending on the condition of the cat in question.

Essential Oils for Dogs

essential oils for dogs

Many people use oils that repel insects and promote healthy skin, which can help dogs feel more comfortable. Other commonly-used essential oils on dogs relieve anxious feelings, which helps dogs not bark while alone.

The list of essential oils that are acceptable for use on dogs is longer than it is for cats, but still consult with your dog’s veterinarian before introducing it to essential oils.

All animals are different, depending on types of animal, species, and size. An oil that is helpful for one animal might irritate or poison another. If you use essential oils on a pet, follow the advice of the veterinarian and watch them closely.


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