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Eco-Friendly Litter Disposal + Dog Proof Litter Box Setup

Owning two cats, Midas and Shadow, I’ve wanted to find an eco-friendly litter removal system.  I wanted to eliminate the wasteful practice of going through tons and tons of plastic bags, in the litter removal process.  I also wanted a way to keep my dog, Sammy Star, out of my litter boxes.  Here is the method I’ve curated for an eco-friendly litter removal system and dog proof litter box setup.

I purchased paper lunch bags and use those to fill with dirty litter.  I found some at my local office supply store and on Amazon.

I bought this bucket on Amazon and it’s the perfect size to hold 7-10 days’ worth of bags.  And, the screw top does a great job at containing any odors.

There are many different types and textures of natural litter options.  Even flushable options!  Just experiment to see which ones work best for your and your cats’ preferences.  I’m enjoying the Garfield brand and the Frisco brand.

I’m able to keep my dog out of the litter boxes with this compact system.  I have the larger, enclosed box on its side.  The hole is too small for my dog to access.  I have a second litter box on top.  This one is too high for him to jump up to get into.

If you’d like to watch my video on this topic, please click here.

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