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Meet Your Durham Pet Sitters!

There are Millions of Pet Lovers in the world.

But, only a handful of them have what it takes to work on our team.

Qualified!  Lucy made the decision to hire all pet sitters as Employees, which allows her to give them unlimited training to support consistency in terrific service for you!  Your sitter has also completed Dog Behavior training as well as Dog and Cat First Aid and CPR training, to help with best initial response in case of a health emergency.

Your pet sitters are Happy! They get to spend their days and nights with the most awesome pets on the planet!  Lucy made the decision to hire all pet sitters as Employees, which allows her to give them greater financial support.  As part of this, Lucy’s Pet Care is a certified employer of the Durham Living Wage Project.  Having happy pet sitters leads to greater retention and consistency, which is terrific for you and your pets. You’re able to establish lasting relationships.  Be forewarned – you WILL become very attached to your pet sitter!

Insurance:  All sitters are covered with pet sitters’ insurance and are bonded with Business Insurers of the Carolinas.  They are also protected with Workers’ Compensation through Travelers insurance. In addition, all sitters have passed criminal background checks.

Support Sitters:  Does Your Pet Sitter have a Safety Net?  On becoming a client, you will meet your designated, preferred sitter. Your preferred pet sitter is hand-picked especially for you – to best match the particular needs and personality of your pets. If there’s ever a time when your primary sitter isn’t available for a requested schedule of visits, never fear! We work as a team of pet sitters. This means that another of our pet sitters can step-in to make sure there’s never a break in care for your pets. And, Lucy keeps a copy of your key on file in case of emergency, so we’ll always be able to reach your animals. We keep your records up-to-date in our secure web-based system, so we always know the current schedule of care for your pets.

How to Choose a Pet Sitter

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durham pet sittersLUCY MOORE (Owner and Founder)  “I’m a native of North Carolina and have lived most of my life in the Triangle area. My parents helped to nurture the love and respect I have for animals by having family dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, turtles, goldfish and tropical fish. I’ve also cared for guinea pigs, rats, frogs, chickens, ducks, snakes, chinchillas, parakeets and tropical birds.  Watch this short video!   In 2007, after 20+ years in real estate customer service, the downturn in the real estate market coupled with my burnout led me to make the choice to leave that career.  But, ‘What now?’  I took a step back to evaluate my next career.  Ideally, I wanted to do something I love that affords meaning, purpose and joy.  That cultivates my passion for helping people and animals….and, make a living.  Quite the tall order!  I stumbled across an ad for a pet sitter.  I took the plunge to test the waters…and have never looked back!  Since then, I’ve been a full-time professional pet sitter and am fortunate to have many new clients who were referred from satisfied customers. I’m so happy to be able to follow my heart’s desire!”

With the growing demand from pet owners wanting Lucy’s outstanding level of care for their own pets, she expanded her business to include additional, highly-qualified sitters. Thus, we are better able to serve everyone who wants to enlist services from Lucy’s Pet Care.  Lucy currently resides in southwest Durham with her dog, Sammy Star.  She is an avid coffee lover with a sizable sweet tooth; a movie fan (usually movie genres of rom-coms, murder mysteries and general action flix); a small garden enthusiast; has a passion for home decorating; and enjoys creating tasty vegetarian meals.

durham pet sitters near meSHANNON (Daily Operations & Customer Care Manager) is a very nurturing wife and mother of two children and an adorable guinea pig named, “Genesis.”  She grew up in the mountains of Tennessee with a family horse, iguana, dogs, chickens, and birds. She knows the love, care, and commitment that takes place in the everyday life of caring for all animals. She lives with her family in South Durham and enjoys being active in family outdoor activities.
durham pet sittersELY (Pet Sitter) is a Digital Marketer by trade but Pet Lover by choice. She moved to North Carolina 16 years ago from Miami. Her love of pets stemmed from the early age of 6 when she met her dog “Happy.” Elizabeth lives in southwest Durham with her husband, 2 kids and her dog, Leia.
 durham pet sitters near meDAIANE (Pet Sitter) is a compassionate animal lover and pet parent. She enjoys  eating out, going out for walks, reading, watching movies and listening to music. In her spare time, she volunteers at a local shelter and dreams that one day she will be able to have her own animal rescue facility.
durham pet sittersBEN (Pet Sitter) was born in New York but has lived nearly his entire life in Durham.  He graduated from Elon University in 2009 and resides in Durham.  Ben currently works nights as a dispatcher for the UNC Hospital Police Department and sees professional pet sitting as a great opportunity to get his “pet fix” and work with animals.
durham pet sittersCALLIE (Pet Sitter) was born and raised in Savannah, GA.  She now lives in southwest Durham with her husband and two rescue cats, Keke and Barnaby, and their dog, Indy.  A lifelong animal lover, Callie enjoys getting to know animals and discovering their unique personalities.
 durham pet sitters near meJENNY (Pet Sitter) came to the Triangle area after graduating from UNCG.  She lives with her cat (Fellini) and her dog (Zooey).  Zooey is a really shy dog so she’s used to trying to get her comfortable around new dogs and cats (and mice and snakes sometimes, haha!).  Jenny enjoys going to concerts and taking Zooey out on runs and to the dog park.
durham pet sitters near meJOANNE (Pet Sitter) grew up in Connecticut with an array of pets – a dog, a cat, rabbits, fish, and hamsters. She moved to North Carolina to pursue a master’s degree in Public Health at UNC-CH where she also met her husband. She has lived in Durham for 23 years and is the parent to five children and four pets – a black and white maltipoo named, Polo, two black and white cats named Paisley and Pax, and a Beta fish named Mr. Peach.  Joanne’s love of children and pets is the perfect blend for her!
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DAISY (Pet Sitter moved to NC from Connecticut in 2016 after “breaking up with winter.” Before she relocated here, she visited Madrid, Israel, and Prague over the course of 2 months.  She enjoys board games, swing dancing, travel, performing improv, swimming, and parks. An avid animal lover all of her life, she is Auntie to many beloved pets.

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SARAH (Pet Sitter) is a Designer and pet lover. She moved to Durham in 2017 to be with her fiance, and enjoys being the top taste tester throughout his cooking endeavors. In her free time she enjoys photography, videography, going on nature walks, and playing tennis. Sarah is excited to meet new pets and people in the area, and has cared for animals ranging from cats and dogs to hedgehogs and turtles.

durham pet sitters near meSHALYN (Pet Sitter) is a recent graduate of UNCW with a degree in anthropology and a minor in history. She is the proud parent of a 6 year old rabbit named Murphy and a 13 year old miniature dachshund named Senta. They make her life so much brighter and are truly her best friends!
durham pet sitters near meEDWARD (Staff Supervisor and Pet Sitter) grew up in Florida in a family of animal lovers amidst a family of 4 dachshunds (Moose, Maggie, Gabby and Rudy) as well as 2 cats (Lucky and Jimmy), an iguana named Dino and a zebra finch named Willie. His only time without pets was while attending college in New Orleans. He moved to North Carolina 3 years ago and enjoys caring for his 2 hurricane rescue dogs from Florida, Boo, a terrier mix, and Sophie, a doodle mix.



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LISA (Pet Sitter) came to the Triangle in 2014 from San Francisco, CA where she was a pet sitter and volunteer at the SPCA.  Currently, she is a cat volunteer for a local animal rescue.  She is owned by 2 cats – Ziggy, an 11 year old tabby and Skippy, a 4 year old tabby.  When she isn’t caring for pets, she works for a well-known non-profit, locally.



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