durham dog cat bitesdurham dog cat bites

What You Need To Know If Your Durham

Dog or Cat Bites Someone

One of our biggest fears as a pet owner is that our beloved Durham dog or cat will bite someone.  Every animal is capable of this act.  What triggers this aggressive behavior is topic for another blog.  Here, I’ll detail what you can expect if your dog or cat bites someone.  I hope that by having this information, it might make a very traumatic, scary and stressful experience a bit less so.

When the bite victim goes to a medical facility for treatment, the medical practitioner will ask what caused the wound.  This knowledge helps them to know how best to treat the injury.  Once gaining knowledge of a dog or cat bite, the medical office will report the bite to the authorities.  From the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Animal Welfare Section:  “All bites by cats and dogs must be immediately reported to the local health director (or his/her designee). The requirement to report lies with the person bitten, the person owning the animal and the person in control or possession of the animal.”

A police officer will come to interview the victim, then, will come to your home.  This, generally, all happens within a few hours.  While at your home, the officer will get your statement, ask for proof of rabies vaccination and will authorize immediate removal of your dog or cat to the shelter for a mandatory 10-day quarantine.  This quarantine is required – no exception – no matter the circumstances, lack of bite history or whether or not your dog has an up-t0-date rabies vaccine.  Under certain, extenuating circumstances, you may appeal and be granted permission for your pet to serve quarantine at home.  This permission may be given due to the necessity of medication administration, a senior pet or general ailing health of the animal.  However, most quarantines must be served at the shelter.

As to whether or not the victim can pursue you for remuneration of medical expenses is a question for your lawyer.  Here are some articles written by NC attorneys, which may be of help:

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If the person bitten is your Lucy’s Pet Care sitter, you have extra protection, because all of our sitters are covered under Worker’s Compensation.

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