Many people bring their pets to their child’s daycare center to mingle with the little ones. Thankfully, most pets do well with children, but they can easily be overly excited by all the bustling about and the noise. If you’re contemplating taking your pet to daycare, then here are a few things to consider.

Talk to Children About Dog Safety

Before you bring a dog into a daycare center, the children must be educated on what they can and cannot do. First, they mustn’t rush up to the dog. Canines may see kids coming quickly toward their face as a threat. The high-stress environment can cause even the most docile dog to react. Explain to the class that they should put out their hand for the dog to get their scent before they proceed to touch them. Also, some kids tend to be rough with animals, so they need to understand how to properly pet and love on a canine.

Not Every Breed Is Right for Kids

Unfortunately, not all dogs are socially accepting of little kids. Some breeds are more welcoming of little ones than others. Larger dogs, like the golden retriever, collie and the black or yellow Lab, are often better dogs to mingle with little kids. They typically are very friendly and love all the extra snuggles they get from people. However, smaller dogs may not be as happy to have children petting them. Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, and some of the other toy dogs tend to get anxious easily, and do better with one person rather than an entire classroom.

Teach Dogs to Greet Calmly

While small dogs tend to bite more eagerly than larger dogs, it doesn’t mean that all big dogs have the right nature to go to daycare. Large dogs will knock down children, and falls can cause serious injury. Also, most dogs don’t like their paws to be touched, so children must be warned of this irritation. If you want to take a dog to daycare, then it’s best to see how they do with a few children first. Taking them to a dog park or other public places can be a good indication of how they will do in a crowd. A dog that is well socialized and enjoys the attention of others is probably a good choice to take to a childcare center.

Understand the Legal Risks

You must realize that when you take a dog to a daycare center that you accept full responsibility for the pet’s actions. If you want to take a dog to nursing homes or daycare centers, then it might be a good idea to put them in a training program. A professional can use techniques to help them prepare to be socialized. If the dogs should attack anyone, then you are completely held liable for any damages. So it makes sense to spend a bit of money to have the dog properly trained before bringing them into social situations with great risk.

There’s nothing better than bringing a dog to “show and tell” days. However, make sure both the children and the pet can handle the situation, and it will be a pleasurable experience for both.

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