There are more brands of dog food that you can probably care to count to accumulate throughout our supermarkets. When choosing, you may wonder if it’s best to go for the most affordable, the kind that you see promoted most often, or the kind that just has the best packaging. In actuality, you need to study it and make sure that it contains the following three things:

A Good Blend of Vitamins and Minerals

Dogs need plenty of the right vitamins in order to be happy and functional. Your dog’s food needs to be fortified with vitamins like A, B, E, and K. Vitamin supplements are inadequate, as you might not know if they actually contain what they advertise. Taurine DCM recommends that you look over their food’s ingredients list and make sure they’re being provided with all of the vitamins they need in the right ratios for a dog, not just what looks good to you as a human. Not all dog foods have been tested enough (or at all) to determine whether they’re actually healthy for dogs to eat long-term. Should they be showing signs of a vitamin deficiency, such as an unsettling change in appearance, bring them to the vet to determine what sort of changes to their diet might be necessary.  

Quality Proteins

Protein in your dog’s food is important, but so is making sure they’re getting the right kind. VitaLife says that good quality proteins such as salmon, lamb, and chicken have high nutritional value and provide things like healthy fats and amino acids that are great for supporting a dog’s health. Poor protein sources, such as macadamia nuts and almonds, should be avoided. You also need to make sure to not give your dog too much protein, as it can contribute to rapid weight gain and put a strain on their organs.


Quick and painless digestion will keep your dog happily wagging their tail. As Honest Paws explains, it’s thanks to the fiber in the food that they’re able to pass it without complication. Like with protein, you need to be careful with not giving your dog too much fiber. When looking at high-fiber dog foods, try to choose insoluble over soluble, as it’s much easier on the stomach, and there’s less of a risk of unwanted side effects, such as diarrhea. Keep track of your dog’s digestive habits and get them medical attention if several days have passed without them experiencing a bowel movement.

While all dog foods will tout their benefits and use packaging to influence your purchasing decisions, you need to look past flashiness and go for substance. Making sure your dog’s food has these three things will take barely any time, and it will be well worth the effort.

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