Does My Dog Need a Winter Coat or Sweater? Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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Animals wearing clothes can be a controversial subject. Don’t let the Animal Clothes Politics get to you! There are some smaller breed or lighter weight dogs that really need the extra support in the wintertime. Some dogs actually have lighter coats of fur than other dogs, so they are suffering more from the cold than other pups out there. How warm your dog’s body is able to keep itself depends on the breed, age, size, or any health issues your pet may have. Dogs with shorter hair, toy breeds, smaller dogs, and older dogs are just a few that would probably benefit from a sweater or coat.
durham pet sitters
So if you decide to buy your dog a coat you should consider the coat material. has said that a good blend of washable wool and cotton is your best bet. Next, you should definitely measure your dog around the neck, around the waist, and around the chest. You should get these measurements before you buy an article of clothing because you want it to be snug, but not too tight. The sweater should end around the waist to not get in the way of their normal bathroom routine.
durham pet sitters
It is probably ideal that you would take your pet to the store with you when you are about to make your purchase. In addition to what has been addressed, you should also check under the arms and chest to see if it’s too tight. If it is too tight that will restrict your pet’s movement. You should not buy anything that is too difficult to get on or causes a struggle for your pet.
durham pet sitters has a ton of sweaters to choose from, if you choose to do the online method. Petsmart and Petco are animal friendly and will let you bring your pups along with you. If you are confident that you will be able to select the clothing without your dog present, you can also go to Walmart or Target and check and see what they have.

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