Did you know that your choice of pet species can greatly improve your life?   And, I’m not talking about the obvious, general perks of having a constant, unconditional-loving companion.  I’m talking about creating positive changes in yourself, based on whether you choose a dog, cat, bird, bunny, hamster, etc.  I’m a living example of such change.

Are you like me…a naturally shy person?  Has this always been a challenge both socially and professionally?   Have you ever considered how owning a Ddg can absolutely change your life?  And, not only because of the pure enjoyment of having a cute, fuzzy, fun, loving, sweet pup.  I mean, help you easily and painlessly connect with your community!  Do you realize that the simple act of walking your dog in your neighborhood will create lots of social opportunities?  Depending on the times of day you walk and your particular location, you may meet other walkers, bikers, runners and dog walkers, along the way.  Some will continue on their path without a nod.  Others will give a brief smile and “hello!”  Yet, others will actively engage in conversation — with the dogs being a terrific ice breaker.  This basic routine of walking your dog will enable you to come out of your shell and easily interact with other people.  You, likely, won’t feel anxious at the thought of these meetings.  Why?  You know there will be an immediate connection and camaraderie, because of the dogs.

I’ve realized the truths of this phenomenon, after adopting Sammy Star, from Saving Grace.  Sammy faceMy theories about the social aspect of walking him have come to fruition.  As a result of the single change of adding a dog to my family and routine, I’ve met many more of my neighbors.  Sammy Star and I have helped puppy owners we’ve met along our walks who were working on socializing their pups to other dogs and people.  We’ve even expanded our social exploration to attending local “dog friendly” community events, together.  I always feel at ease in these new social situations because my friend, Sammy Star, is there beside me.  I’m sure every new interaction with other pet-friendly folks is helping me to feel more at ease in other social arenas.  Practice makes perfect, right?

I encourage all of you fellow Wallflowers to consider adopting your own precious pup.  And, if you ever need a hand in his/her care, let our team at Lucy’s Pet Care be your partner in your pet’s care.

Already own a dog?  How has he/she changed your social life?  Please share your experiences by adding comments, below!

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