How To Keep Your Dog Hydrated – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

Summertime again!  In the Carolinas, it’s not uncommon if the temperatures are 80 degrees Fahrenheit or more! If summer means more outdoor activity, chances are that you will be bringing your four-legged best friend along for the fun. Dogs, just like humans, are made up of mostly water. If not more! 80% of your dog’s body is water in comparison to the 60% we are made of.

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Staying hydrated promotes urinary tract health, helps regulate body temperatures, keeps energy levels up, and promotes healing and recovery. All the reason to keep your pet hydrated! One major way to keep your pet hydrated is to first know the signs of them becoming dehydrated.

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Common signs of dehydration are vomiting/diarrhea, loss of energy, ongoing panting to an excessive point, sunken/dry eyes, dry/sticky gums, and loss of skin elasticity. If you suspect that your pet severely dehydrated, you should call your vet immediately.

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An additional way to keep your pet hydrated is to first know how much water your pet needs. Pets need one ounce of water for every pound they weigh.  For instance, a 60 pound dog needs 60 ounces of water a day.  Please make sure that you are always giving your pet access to fresh water. If you are on the go, you should make sure you bring water with you not just for yourself but for your pet. Pets will heat up a lot more quickly in the sun than we will, so make sure you are providing time for them to cool down. Also, adding water to their food may be a way to increase their water intake without too much fuss.

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