Should I be Worried if My Dog’s Nose is Dry?

nose-697697_640Many pet parents look to their dog’s nose for indications of illness.  What if my dog’s nose is hot and dry?  Or, wet and cold?  Are these signs of a health issue?  Or, is this just an Old Wives’ Tale?

Hot vs Cold:  The temperatures of dogs’ noses fluctuate day to day, even hour to hour.  It’s all perfectly normal.  Taking his temperature is a better indication of illness.

Wet vs Dry:  The moistness of your dog’s nose is also not an indicator of health.  Upon waking, a dog’s nose might be dry.  This is due to the fact that he isn’t licking his nose when he sleeps.  Within ten minutes of waking up, his nose should be wet, again.  In summertime, your dog’s nose can become sunburned and dry.  You should protect your dog’s nose with pet approved or infant approved sunblock.  In wintertime, dogs may sleep close to a heating vent, drying out his nose.  If this leads to cracking, dab a bit of aloe or natural ointment to help remoisten.  Allergies may also lead to dry noses.  Your veterinarian can help you find remedies to alleviate your dog’s allergic symptoms.  Speaking of allergies, nearly half of all dogs are reported to have some allergic reactions to plastic.  Thus, your dog should always eat and drink from stainless steel or ceramic dishes.  And, make sure there’s always a fresh supply of water for your pup.  Dehydration may lead to not only a dry nose, but kidney problems and other body function maladies.

If there is nasal discharge, it should be clear, never yellowish, thick, bubbly, or foul smelling.

Best signs to note for your dog’s health are symptoms such as not eating, not drinking, or unusual behavior.

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