allergy-18656_640You’d LOVE to have a dog, but…you’re allergic!  With all the uncomfortable symptoms that accompany being around dogs, you just don’t think you can live with one 24/7.  And, it breaks your heart!  Isn’t there some breed of dog with whom you can happily co-habitate?

Do Not Despair!

While no dog is completely hypoallergenic, there are breeds that fair better with allergy-prone folks.  Dander and saliva are what causes the most trouble for people with allergies.  Smaller dogs and dogs who don’t bark as much are better choices, as less saliva is released into the air.  There are breeds of dogs that have a non-shedding coat – or, are hairless – which creates less dander, thus, decreasing the unwanted allergic reactions.  For a list of some of the breeds, check out this list.

Once you have your pup, it also helps to keep him and your home as clean as possible.  This includes bathing him and his bedding, often.  Thick carpeting and heavy drapery tend to hold dander, so it’s best to have hardwood or other hard surfaced floors.  And, lightweight window treatments.

Hypoallergenic dogs come in many different breeds – with varying sizes and temperaments.  So, whether you’re looking for a lap dog or a dog to join you on your evening job, there’s a pooch for you.  However, most dogs at shelters are mixed breeds and there’s no way to know their exact makeup.  So, once you decide on the best breed for you, it may be best to work with a breed-specific rescue group.

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