10 Ways to Relieve Dog Boredom

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1.       Play Hide and Seek With Your Pup
A good way to relieve dog boredom is playing a little game of hiding treats with you dog. This will be entertaining for them and filling. You’ll also be teaching them some nose work techniques will tiring them out before guest come over.
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2.       “Which Hand” game
This is another way to work on your dog’s scent work. You simply place a treat in one of your hands, close your fists, and hold them out in front of your dog. Let your dog choose which hand it’s in by either sniffing or pawing on the hand that it’s in.
3.       Get some puzzle toys for your dogs
Dogs are like us and enjoy a good brainteaser. There are a lot of dog puzzle toys as well as treat dispensing toys like Kong Wobblers.
4.       Learn How To Give  A Good Dog Massage
A good dog massage can calm most dogs. This can be a good experience for you and the dog at the same time.  This is especially good if you have an older dog that isn’t as mobile as they used to be.
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5.       Small Game of Fetch
If you have the extra room, a game of fetch is a good way to get some of that extra energy out of your dog and to get a little exercise yourself. I normally just used a deflated basketball that my dog has had since she was a puppy, but any of your dog’s toys should suffice.
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6.       Bubbles!
Most dogs love (or hate depending on how you look at it) bubbles. This will keep them occupied for a while and it’s entertaining to watch.
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7.       Teach Your Dog New Tricks
There are always new tricks to teach. There are lists online of instructions that you and your dog can work on together. It is a nice bonding experience for the both of you.
8.       Teach Your Dog To Help With Chores
This is along the same lines as number seven. I’m sure that your dog would welcome the extra praise and enjoy being that much more useful.
9.       Obedience Training
Training your dog to deal with impulse control is a step towards less plates of food going missing from the counter around Thanksgiving.  (read related post here)
10.   Play Dates
Again, this is contingent upon how much space you have, as well as the temperament of both dogs. This will be fun for you and the owners as well.
durham pet sitters
Need some help keeping your Durham dog entertained while you’re away at work?  Give us a call!  We’re happy to come to your home and give your dog much-needed mental and physical activity!
durham pet sitters
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