DIY Home Remedies for Your Pooch

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Your furry friend is just like one of the family and his care is an important part of your daily life. When your pup is facing a discomfort or health issue the fix maybe as close as your home. To help treat your pooch for some common canine problems, try the DIY home remedies listed below to get him on the road to recovery.

Create Your Own Fresh Bath

Keep your dog feeling fresh by adding a little citrus to the bath. Lemon and orange scent help the coat stay clean and healthy, so add some juice to your dog’s bath or save those rinds and give his coat a quick rub before going outside.

Help Your Dog’s Dry Skin

Help treat your dog’s dry and itchy skin by adding a little oatmeal in his bath to help the scratching stop. For daily care of dry skin, apply evening primrose essential oil directly to the skin to moisturize and give the coat a pleasant scent.

Ease Pet Joint Discomfort

Help to ease the inflammation and pain of canine joint discomfort by adding fish oil to your dog’s diet. Most dog food is lacking in omega-3 fatty acid which is important to joint health. If your pooch is having a particularly sore day, warm up his joints with a heating pad and give him a little massage.

Help Your Dog’s Itchy Ears

The design of your dog’s ears makes it a great place for hidden dirt. As dirt and debris builds up, your dog’s ears can become irritated and itchy. To help alleviate the itch of dirty ears, you will want to start by cleaning them with cotton or gauze dipped in vegetable oil. Then add vitamin E oil or aloe vera to soothe the redness and reduce the irritation.

Alleviate Your Pooch’s Digestive Drama

If your dog’s diet is not agreeing with him or if they have found treasure in your trash can, you can help ease their gastrointestinal distress by giving a dose of slippery elm herb. The herb can be purchased in powder or capsules and it works by lining the gastrointestinal tract to help alleviate irritation.

Combat Bad Breath

Your dog’s bad breath is most likely an issue that needs a solution. To keep your dog’s bad breath at bay, add a tablespoon of coconut essential oil to his food. Some doTERRA oil and especially coconut oil have natural cleansing properties and will be able to address your dog’s bad breath issues at the source.

Help treat your pooch and ease the discomfort of the common canine health issues with the DIY home remedies listed above.


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