Create More Living Space For Your Cat – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

Create More Living Space For Your Cat

It’s easy to create more space for your feline, even if you live in a small home. Think outside of the box… you can create space that’s interesting for your kitty.

Make the most of window space… most cats love to sit and watch the world go by (including birds and chipmunks). Put a bed on the window sill if it’s large enough, or buy a window perch like these. Some people put a bird feeder outside the window for their cat’s enjoyment.

Think vertical! Cat’s love to climb, and there are tons of climbing options on the market for your kitty, and some of them you can easily make yourself. The easiest route is to buy a climbing kitty condo. They come in all sizes and price ranges. You can see some here on Amazon. Another favorite spot for many cats is on top of the refrigerator. If you don’t use that space, put a cat bed up there; it’s a warm spot and offers your kitty a great view of their kingdom

You can also buy or build a wall shelf for your cat that allows your kitty to literally climb the walls. They are easy to build. This man spent $35k to make his entire house cat friendly, but you can spend a lot less and make wall stairs and a skywalk for your feline. Click here to see some ideas for interesting cat skywalks.

This isn’t the first time we’ve mentioned Catios, and probably not the last! They can be a simple box that screws into the outside window frame or an elaborate outside room for your cats to lounge in. Either way, most cats love them. See some simple and elaborate DIY catios here.
This company sells catios and plans!

Lastly, many companies like Ikea and Wayfair now sell “cat furniture.” These are great ways to give your cat a lookout or hiding spot. Some are made to hide litter boxes too. See all sorts of cat furniture ideas here.

It’s easy to make more fun space in your home for your kitty. Pick out a project or two and spice up your cat’s life!


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