I Have Complaints About my Pet Sitting Service Experience!

We strive to WOW! every client with their entire Lucy’s Pet Care experience.  It’s why we’re here – to relieve your stress, not add to it.

But, let’s play Devil’s Advocate.  So, you read all of our 5 Star Reviews, combed through our detailed website information, talked with Lucy, met your pet sitter and chose us to be your pet care providers.  But, what if, when your schedule of visits is over, there’s something that displeases you?   That, despite our best efforts, you have a complaint?  What if you are underwhelmed with any aspect of the service we provided you?  Or, what if you’re REALLY ANGRY about something we did or didn’t do?


We encourage you to let us know, if that is ever the case.  If you’re ever unhappy about any detail of our service, we want to know about it.  One way we do this by asking for feedback after completed reservations.   And, we always have an open door/phone line/email for you.   Being a smaller, locally-owned company, you never have to weed through layers upon layers of people in order to get to someone who can affect a resolution.

Whether it is of major of minor consequence, we always want to know about any dissatisfaction.  We have a 100% Happiness Guarantee to ensure you are delighted with the care we’ve given to you, your pets and your home.  And, if we didn’t deliver in any of these aspects, we will do what it takes to make it right.

Happiness Guarantee!

Our customer care is ongoing.  It starts from our first connection with you, through your first reservation and beyond.  Whenever you contact us with any questions or concerns, we’ll get right back to you with answers or options for a solution.   We also carry liability insurance and bonding to cover any serious issues.  We value our clients tremendously and truly appreciate the trust you’ve placed with us.

One of our mottos is, “prepare for the worst and hope for the best.”  It’s how we cover our bases to thoroughly care for your pets and home.  Included in this motto is our approach to handling customer complaints.  Although we hope to always have happy clients, we are prepared, should the occasion arise.

If you’re already a client, you’ve been the beneficiary of our superior customer care.  If you haven’t yet booked care with us, why not?  With our Happiness Guarantee and FREE initial consultation, you’ve got nothing to lose!  Call us, Today!

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