How Cheap Pet Sitters Can Cost You Big Money

How Cheap Pet Sitters Can Cost You Big Money

cheap pet sitters

I often hear potential clients gasp when they get my price quote.  Even though our rates are very reasonable, they still suffer from sticker shock.  This is usually because they’ve never before hired a professional pet sitting company.   They’ve used free services from a family member or neighbor.  Or, hired a single-person “hobby sitter” at very minimal pricing.  On the front end, these free or cheap pet sitters options seem to be a dream come true….something for nothing-to-almost-nothing.

cheap pet sittersBut, buyer beware!  Just as in many things, you often get what you pay for.  How many times have you purchased a seemingly-comparable item at a dirt cheap price, only to have it 1) never work, 2) break down after a few uses, and 3) when it did break, not being able to reach customer service to get a proper and prompt resolution?


Now, think about the times you paid a bit more for a well-reputed, solidly-backed product.  I’ll bet it worked as expected, for a reasonable length of time.  And, that the customer service was outstanding.

Let’s say you ask your neighbor to care for your dog and cat while you’re away for a week.  They charge you $0.  What if your neighbor:

  • improperly medicates your dog, causing high vet bills?
  • gets injured while at your home?
  • breaks your antique lamp?
  • doesn’t notice unusual litter box usage, resulting in delayed attention to your cat’s illness?
  • gets sick and can’t continue with your pet’s care?
  • doesn’t answer your texts or emails?

Any one of these events will likely permanently hurt or end your personal relationship with your neighbor.  And, may cost you large out-of-pocket expenses and require you to file a claim on your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Now, let’s say you hire our professional pet sitting company to provide the same care.  We charge you a reasonable and affordable flat rate for in-home pet care services.  And….that’s it!  With the exception of any emergency care your pet may require (not due to sitter negligence), you’ll have no further pet care costs to worry about!  Everything else is covered by our company’s bonding and insurance policies.  We have a team of pet sitters, so there’s a backup, if ever needed.  We recommend the best schedule of care for your animals, so we’ll be there for early detection of any changes in their behavior, eating habits or bathroom habits.  And, your sitter stays in touch, daily, to let you know all is well.  If you ever do have a question or concern, you’ll receive a prompt response.  We have a 100% Happiness Guarantee!

We consider our services to be “Pet Parent Travel Insurance.”  When you hire us, you can be assured your pets and home will be safe and secure, in your absence.  You can truly relax and enjoy your time away, knowing your pets are having a great time with their professional pet sitter.

Can you put a price on Peace of Mind?

cheap pet sitters

cheap pet sitters


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