Is Your Cat Bored? Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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Is Your Cat Trying To Tell You She’s Bored? Humans have many boredom busters: we can read, watch TV, surf the internet, or talk on the phone. But unfortunately, when our pets get bored, they don’t have as many boredom busters at a paw’s reach. Often it’s the cat that suffers; most people walk their dogs, […]

What Does Your Dog’s Growling Mean?

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What Does Your Dog’s Growling Mean? Grrrrrrrr… often when a dog growls, it’s a warning – time for you to step back and assess the situation. Growling can happen for a variety of reasons: when a dog is afraid, in pain, or needs you to back away from its territory or possessions.  However, many dogs […]

Help! My Cat is Scratching the Furniture!

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Here is the bad news…. cats like to scratch. It’s an entirely normal and natural activity. Scratching helps your kitty keep her nails clean and sharp, alleviates stress, exercises her shoulders and neck. Plus, your feline’s paws contain scent glands, so scratching releases her unique smell to mark your home. All of these benefits make scratching […]

What You Should Know About Fleas as a Pet Owner

Cold winters will kill fleas outdoors, but it only takes one flea to latch itself onto your pet to start an indoor infestation. You will need to treat your pet, your home and your yard to completely get rid of these dangerous pests. Here are some things to know about fleas and your pet. Treating […]

Winter Exercise Tips for Dogs – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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Winter Exercise Tips For Dogs! Even though the weather outside is frightful, your doggy friends still need to get their daily exercise. Not only is it important for their physical and mental health, but it is an important part of the relationship between you and your pup. Here are some ways to get those exercises […]

Pet Safe Holiday Plants – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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Pet Safe Holiday Plants The holidays are here! Before you begin to decorate your home with the traditional holiday plants, make sure you aren’t putting anything up that could potentially harm your pet.  Here are some wonderful alternatives to the traditional plant and flower options. Replace Mistletoe with Christmas Cactus! Mistletoe can be fatal for […]

Are You Ready for Your First Horse?

Dogs aren’t the only best friend of man. Horses have not only been excellent vehicles of transportation, but they can be quite the pet as well. Horses are beautiful to look at and can help to develop good nurturing skills and a sense of responsibility in a young person. If you love horses and are […]

Eco-Friendly Litter Disposal + Dog Proof Litter Box Setup

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Owning two cats, Midas and Shadow, I’ve wanted to find an eco-friendly litter removal system.  I wanted to eliminate the wasteful practice of going through tons and tons of plastic bags, in the litter removal process.  I also wanted a way to keep my dog, Sammy Star, out of my litter boxes.  Here is the […]

Do Pit Bulls Deserve Their Bad Rap?

A slang term for the American Pit Bull, American Staffordshire or Staffordshire Bull Terrier breeds, “pit bull” is now used as a catch-all name for any stocky, large-headed dog. Pit bull behavior, like that of any other breed, is a product of training and socialization. The primary reason why pit bulls have received such a […]

Pet Safe Candles – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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I love having candles burning in my home.  The soft, flickering light adds so much more interest to an area and ups the cozy factor.  However, also sharing my home with my 2 cats and my dog, I have to be very aware of safety issues associated with open flames.  I want to make sure […]

BEST PUPPY TOYS 2019 – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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Having a new puppy in your household is a lot of fun!  And, takes a lot of energy!  So, you’ll want to have a good supply and variety of toys on-hand to help keep them happy, active and strong!  Here is a list of 5 of the Best Puppy Toys as compiled from Amazon reviews, […]

3 Tips for Teaching Children How to Interact with Dogs

Help Them To Be Patient Dogs are territorial by nature. They guard their personal space, and they use it to control the pace of interactions with humans. Children, especially those under the age of six, have a minimal sense of physical boundaries. They don’t think twice about rushing toward a dog, putting their hands in […]

Make Sure Your Dog’s Food Has These 3 Things

There are more brands of dog food that you can probably care to count to accumulate throughout our supermarkets. When choosing, you may wonder if it’s best to go for the most affordable, the kind that you see promoted most often, or the kind that just has the best packaging. In actuality, you need to […]

Hamster Care – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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Hamsters are low maintenance in comparison to other pets, but it’s imperative that the needs that they have are met. Hamsters are inexpensive and not as time consuming to care for as other pets and are social once you are able to get them acclimated to you. One of the first things you’ll need to […]

What Room Fragrances Are Pet Safe? Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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“What Room Fragrances Are Pet Safe?” When having pets, covering odors is big topic. We don’t want our homes to smell just like our pets, but we also don’t want anything that will potentially harm them. The waxes and wicks of candles may be toxic. If your pet gets into them, it could potentially be […]

Help! My Dog Is Overweight! – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

60% or more of dogs that veterinarians see in the US are overweight. Of that 60%, half of those are considered obese. Excessive weight in dogs can lead to many health problems. Joint disease, metabolic issues as well as inflammation are among the issues that can arise in an overweight dog. Obese dogs normally will […]

Why Is My Cat Peeing Outside the Litter Box?

What most people say is that cats are peeing to “get back at us” when they pee outside of their litter box. While it may be annoying and frustrating to come home to cat pee, it’s important for cat owners to understand that the cat is trying to communicate something to us. With a bit […]

Pet Insurance Pros and Cons – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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Animal medicine has seen some significant improvements within the past 10 years. These advancements come with a higher cost to pet owners. This has resulted in a higher cost for pet insurance.  Less than 1% of pets are insured in America. Knowing the pros and cons of pet insurance can help you decide if insuring your pet is right for […]

6 Ways to Naturally Get Rid of Pet Odors In Your Home

Being a pet parent is very rewarding.  It’s so great to be greeted at the door by our furry friends after a long day away!  However, we’d like wagging tails, purrs and kisses to be our only greeting…and, not unwanted pet odors.  Here are 6 ways to naturally get rid of pet odors in your […]

FIV What You Need To Know – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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FIV, or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, affects cats worldwide. FIV is the most-similar to human HIV.  Symptoms sometimes do not manifest until up to a year after contracting the virus. Once it begins to manifest the cat’s immune system is weakened greatly, which leads them at risk for other diseases. FIV is not typically fatal for […]