Do’s and Don’ts of Dogs at Daycare

Many people bring their pets to their child’s daycare center to mingle with the little ones. Thankfully, most pets do well with children, but they can easily be overly excited by all the bustling about and the noise. If you’re contemplating taking your pet to daycare, then here are a few things to consider. Talk […]

You Love Animals—Should You Start a Pet Business?

According to the American Pet Products Association in 2018, roughly 68 percent of American households own at least one pet and have spent billions of dollars on pet services, such as grooming, pet daycare and pet sitting along with many others. With the money spent on pets increasing year after year, it would seem that […]

Pet Safe Candles – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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I love having candles burning in my home.  The soft, flickering light adds so much more interest to an area and ups the cozy factor.  However, also sharing my home with my 2 cats and my dog, I have to be very aware of safety issues associated with open flames.  I want to make sure […]

3 Tips for Teaching Children How to Interact with Dogs

Help Them To Be Patient Dogs are territorial by nature. They guard their personal space, and they use it to control the pace of interactions with humans. Children, especially those under the age of six, have a minimal sense of physical boundaries. They don’t think twice about rushing toward a dog, putting their hands in […]

What Room Fragrances Are Pet Safe? Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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“What Room Fragrances Are Pet Safe?” When having pets, covering odors is big topic. We don’t want our homes to smell just like our pets, but we also don’t want anything that will potentially harm them. The waxes and wicks of candles may be toxic. If your pet gets into them, it could potentially be […]

Should You Give Your Pet Probiotics?

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Health-conscious people have fueled a vast market for nutritional supplements, and this market includes everything from pills to drinks. As a pet lover who considers your furry friends part of your family, you want them to get all of the same benefits you look for yourself. Of course, you naturally want to have some assurance […]

Run with Your Dog – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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Looking for another fun way to spend quality time with your dog?  And, have the bonus of burning off extra energy and keeping you and your pup happy and healthy?  Considering taking your pup along as your running/jogging partner?  Read on for tips to make sure you take the proper steps to ensure positive results. […]

Best Summertime Dog Toys – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

Ahhhh, it’s finally summer!  And, a great time for fun, special, outdoor play with your dog!  Looking for ideas of the best summertime dog toys?  Here are some that might spark your dog’s interest!  Kiddie Pool This is a good ‘ol standby!  Great for dogs of all sizes, as you can adjust the depth of […]

Should My Pet Come on Vacation or Stay at Home?

When your pet is your best friend, it’s tempting to bring him everywhere with you. Sometimes, however, bringing your pet on vacation isn’t the best idea for you or your furry friend. It’s important to take your pet’s needs and your vacation plans into consideration. If you decide to leave your pet at home, there […]

Unusual Cat Products ft. Uncommon Goods – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

Is your kitty BORED with the same ol’, same ol’ toys?  TIRED of the same bedding?  Looking for something to PERK-UP her whiskers?  Here are some unusual cat products that might just put a spring in your kitty’s step, again! CAT BEDS: Your kitty will be sleeping in style with a cozy, comfy and unique […]

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Dog – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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Looking for special ways to share Valentine’s love with your dog in the Durham area, this year?  Perhaps one or more of these ideas will bring tail wags: PET MASSAGE: February 20th 5:45-6:45pm / $10 Pets knead massage too! Pet parents come with or without your pets. Pets friendly with other animals are welcome (typical pet is […]

Unique Pet Lover Gift Ideas – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

The holidays are here! You may be actually looking forward to picking out gifts for all your family and friends! Or, you are like the rest of us and have no idea where to start. Here are a few unique pet lover gift ideas to get your creative juices flowing. 1. Personalized Dog Pillow from […]

3 DIY Homemade Thanksgiving Dog Treat Recipes – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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Thanksgiving is a holiday that’s a time to enjoy family, friends and…food!  As we’re also thankful for our canine family members, why not show them some extra love by making them their own homemade Thanksgiving dog treats?  Looking for some cooking inspiration?  Here are some tasty Thanksgiving dog treat recipe ideas that may be of […]

Best Indoor Pets (if you hate wintertime weather!) – Lucy’s Pet Care

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INDOOR PETS Even though it hasn’t really felt like winter here in North Carolina, we are still smack dab in the coldest part of the year. And sometimes the warmer weather just makes feel it even worse when the temperatures dip back below freezing. That’s when the penchant for comfy blankets and cuddles instead of […]

Valentine’s Gift Ideas Pet Edition!

Valentine's gift ideas

Valentine’s Gift Ideas Pet Edition! Valentine’s Day is coming up! Valentine’s Day is all about showing your loved ones how you really feel. Looking for the purrfect gift?  Here are some ideas! Pamper Your Pet! When you pamper your pet for Valentine’s Day, you’re not only giving your lovely pet a little treat- you are […]

Paws-itively the Best Pet Carriers! – Lucy’s Pet Care

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Paws-itively the Best Pet Carriers If you’re a pet owner, there will come a time when you need to transport your pet to the vet, groomer, kennel, daycare or for vacation travel.  And, to ensure you can do so easily and safely, you’ll probably want to utilize a pet carrier.  Below, we’ve picked some of […]