Has your cat stopped using her litter box?  You’re constantly cleaning-up other areas — either right around the box or in various places in your home?  Perhaps, there has been irreparable damage to some items?  And, you’re wondering how to get her back on track?  Well, you’ve come to the right place!  Here are my 5 Ways to Solve Your Litter Box Problems.  These are based on my own experience and observations of cat behavior.  I’m hopeful they might be useful to you in getting back to a harmonious living situation.

#1 – Location, Location, Location! (this adage from my days working in real estate applies to pets, too!):

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a)  Is the litter box location in close proximity to where your cat eats?  If so, consider moving it further away – preferably, into another room.  Animals don’t like to soil near where they feed.

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b)  Is the litter box too close to where your cat sleeps?  If so, try moving it to another location.

c)  Is there enough head space for your cat to comfortably squat?  If your litter box is located in a closet underneath a shelf, make sure there is ample clearance.  This helped the situation my sister had with her cat – I recommended her moving the box out from underneath the shelf and, Voila!  Problem solved!


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This goes without saying for most folks, but, scoop the box at least once daily.  I mean, would you want to use a dirty bathroom?


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Are you blessed with more than one cat?  Then, it may help to have one litter box available for each cat.


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Perhaps your cat is not as agile as she once was and has trouble getting into the litter box.  Consider changing the box to one with lower sides and/or a cut-out opening.  Then, she’ll be able to comfortably step into and out of the box.


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Have you had any changes within your household?  Perhaps you’ve moved;  had a baby;  or, added a new pet?  Any of these things can be traumatic for a sensitive kitty.  If so, show her extra patience and love, while she acclimates to the new situation.  And, make sure she has a safe, private space where she can retreat, while she sorts it out.


I’ve had great success with using Precious Cat Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Litter Attractant litter box additive.  Just sprinkle some into the litter, each time you add or replace.  It works wonders at encouraging cats to use the litter box!

What other tips do you have for helping to solve litter box problems?  Please share with us by commenting below!

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