Easy Steps to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

Being a pet parent, we want to do all that we can to keep our pets as healthy, as possible.  Something that can help is to regularly brush our dog’s teeth, at home.  However, if you’re new to this, it can seem difficult and overwhelming.  So, I’m writing this post to give you simple steps to get started.  I hope this will allow you to see that it’s not so formidable a task.

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It’s best to begin brushing your dog’s teeth when she is still a puppy – from 8-16 weeks old.  This will get her used to the process in her younger years, so it’ll just become a usual habit, throughout her adult life.  However, starting even in adult life is better than not.

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For this, you can go as simple or as complex as you desire.  For utensils you can use your naked finger; your finger wrapped in gauze or a toothbrush specifically-designed for dog teeth.  For cleaning solution, you can use baking soda; coconut oil or a toothpaste especially made for dogs.  Dog toothpaste is formulated to have an appealing taste for dogs.

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Do this at a time when your dog is naturally calm and relaxed.  The same time of day for this ritual is ideal.  If you’re using dog toothpaste, put a small dab on your finger or the brush and let your dog taste it.  It should be a pleasant experience for your dog.  Next, take your finger or brush and begin gently rubbing your dog’s teeth (focusing on the gumline) in a circular motion.  Do this slowly and lightly.  Only do just a small portion of your dog’s mouth.  Repeat this process every day – slowly working your way up to brushing the entire mouth at one sitting.  This should be a pleasant experience for your dog to make it easier on you and your pup.

If you decide to use gauze, simply wrap the gauze around your finger and dampen.  Then, add your solution of choice (baking soda, coconut oil or dog toothpaste).

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You can brush your dog’s teeth anywhere from every day to every two weeks.  Having a regular routine will keep your dog’s chompers and gums healthy and aid in keeping fresher breath.

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