Here at Lucy’s Pet Care, we actively Relieve Pet Parent Guilt by coming to your home to care for your pets.  Our service has many advantages for your pets and you:  convenience; built-in home care services; continuity of care for your pets with regards to environment, schedule and food; etc.  However, there are instances when we may not be the best option for your household.  Here is a list of scenarios when other pet care choices might be best.

  1.  You have a high-anxiety dog

Of course, all dogs miss their families, when away.  Usually, regular visits from our pet sitters ensure your dog is socially-stimulated, exercised, fed, medicated (if applicable) and given lots of TLC to ensure she’s content, whenever you are away from home.  There are some dogs that have extreme separation anxiety, where they act-out with unwanted behavior.  These dogs are best-suited to have 24-hour supervision.  This is usually achieved by boarding.  There are many boarding options – from small, Mom-and-Pop boarders to larger facilities.  We recommend doing your research to choose the very best place for your dog.  And, if time, do a trial-run…take your dog there for a half day to see how everything goes.


2.  Your pet requires injections

We administer oral medications free-of-charge, during our visits.  If your pet requires injections or subcutaneous fluids, we recommend that you board your pet at your vet’s office or hire a vet tech for in-home care.  This will help ensure your pet has experienced and qualified care from a pet medical professional.

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3.  Your pet is aggressive towards people

For the safety of our staff, we don’t accept pets with a history of aggressive behavior towards humans.  (This is different from a pet who might be shy or stand-offish, at first, but warms-up with familiarity).  If your pet falls within this category, we suggest talking with a training specialist to work on modifying this behavior.  Your trainer should be able to recommend care options for when you need to be away from home.

durham pet sitters

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