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At the right temperature, your pets will be happier and more responsive than ever. By adjusting the temperature of your home, you can suit their needs and create an excellent environment for both yourself and your pets.

Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats, much like humans, thrive at temperatures between 65°F and 75°F. However, unlike humans, these animals are not meant to wear layers of insulation. Therefore, the ambient temperature must match to what they are accustomed. When nighttime arrives, it is often appropriate to lower the heat by a few degrees. While sleeping, they do not have to waste energy on body movements, so the core of their body can function fluidly. The minimum temperature should be 60°F, as any lower temperature risks hypothermia for extended periods of time. On the other hand, unusually high temperatures can also be detrimental. Heat over 85°F is difficult for animals to adapt to because they do not have the same sweat glands as humans. Thus, air conditioning is a must during hot summer months.

durham pet sitters

Other temperatures

Consider the size of your pets as well. Larger animals often have enough fur to retain warmth when the temperature drops. Mice and guinea pigs are other exceptions. Some of these species are known to be completely fine in colder temperatures. It is crucial to find the right balance between what suits your preferences and those of your pets. Even if you think you know your beloved pet’s tendencies, keep the breed of your pet in mind when changing the temperature.

durham pet sitters

Changing temperature

The thermostat system in your home might not have the fine tuning adjustments necessary to keep your pets happy. By contacting a professional, you can seek professional help and pinpoint the temperature to your liking. In many cases, a complete redo of your heating system is not necessary. They can modify the existing system, and when the renovation is finished, you will be left with a fantastic heating mechanism fit for all seasons. With these implementations, you can adjust the temperature by near tenths of a degree. When the health of your pet is at stake, you want the best environment possible.

Dogs are an integral part of your family. You would never leave your loved ones out in the cold, and similarly, you should always keep your dogs in mind when adjusting the temperature. Use Provincial Heating to provide warmth for your family and pets.


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