Best Summertime Dog Toys – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

Ahhhh, it’s finally summer!  And, a great time for fun, special, outdoor play with your dog!  Looking for ideas of the best summertime dog toys?  Here are some that might spark your dog’s interest!

  1.  Kiddie Pool

This is a good ‘ol standby!  Great for dogs of all sizes, as you can adjust the depth of the water.  Your dog might enjoy splashing in it or may just plop down for a nice soak!

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photo courtesy of Bed Bath and Beyond

2. Kong AirDog SqueakAir Tennis Ball

This toy combines the best of two worlds – a ball and a squeaker toy!  If your dog loves to play fetch, this toy will kick-it-up-a-notch with the added fun of a squeaker!

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photo courtesy of HomesAlive Pets

3.  ChuckIt! Ball Launcher

This is as much for you as for your dog.  Save your arm muscles and your back with this handy tool.

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photo courtesy of HomesAlive Pets

4.  Dog Life Jacket

Taking your pup on the high seas?  Make sure everybody on board is safe!

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photo courtesy of Outward Hound

5.  Sprinkler

Hook a fun sprinkler to your garden hose and watch your dog have fun chasing and running through the water!

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photo courtesy of Amazon / Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Blossom Sprinkler

6.  Frisbee

Teach your dog a new trick with a game of frisbee!

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7.  PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher

Can your dog keep on going, even after you’ve exhausted all your energies?  Why not try this automatic ball launcher?


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photo courtesy of Crutchfield Corporation

8.  Bark Park Expert Dog Exercise Court

The Ultimate Outdoor Experience for your Dog!

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photo courtesy of WillyGoat Toyland


And, when your pup is exhausted from playtime, reward him with a cool homemade treat!  Click Here for lots of frozen kong recipes.

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Are you planning summertime travel without your pup?  Be sure to reserve your pet care with us, when you book your transportation and lodging!

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