Even though it hasn’t really felt like winter here in North Carolina, we are still smack dab in the coldest part of the year. And sometimes the warmer weather just makes feel it even worse when the temperatures dip back below freezing. That’s when the penchant for comfy blankets and cuddles instead of venturing outside really kicks in. This is especially true when you are already someone who already hates wintertime weather.

It can be hard to raise healthy pets, particularly in the wintertime. I mean, if you can’t wear your flip flops outside then what’s the point of even going outside, right?  That’s why indoor pets are perfect for you. They will be by your side helping you ride out the winter season and you won’t have to feel guilty about not taking them outside.

Here are our top 5 Indoor Pets you should consider making your new companion this winter!

1.) Lizards

indoor pets indoor pets

Lizards make terrific pets!  They can be very friendly and enjoy sitting on your shoulder and cuddling.  And, they are ridiculously easy to care for as well.  Their cage is very simple to clean and they get about 2 dozen crickets every 2 weeks.  Make sure you’re in it for the long haul; they can live up to 25 years!

2.) Birds

indoor pets

The great thing about birds is that they bring in a little bit of the outside environment indoors. They will sooth you with their songs and are actually very social animals too. They do need a little more TLC and supplies, but it’s definitely worth it for the company.

3.) Ferrets

indoor pets

Ferrets are truly special little animals. They are super playful, energetic, and agile. You can even train them to come when called and do tricks with their toys. Between their tricks and little ferret dances; you’ll never be bored with a ferret to play with.

4.) Guinea Pigs

indoor pets

Another great addition to the family is a Guinea Pig. They are totally adorable, great with children and are pretty easy to care for. They love attention, so make sure you have time to give them plenty of company and cuddles.

5.) Fish/Aquatic Animals

indoor pets

If you’re looking to have a companion in your home, but don’t necessarily have a lot of time or the ability to care for a feisty rodent or other four legged animal, fish just might the best option. And it can go beyond the usual Beta or Goldfish. Think of getting a big saltwater tank and fill it up with bright colored fish, seahorses and urchins.  Talk to your local pet store about what tank and aquatic animals fit your lifestyle and make some new fishy friends!

Don’t be lonely in the just because it’s cold outside!  Research these fine pets and get yourself a friend to help you through those terrible months of winter weather. And as always give us a call if you need someone to come look after your new friend!

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