Best Dog Breeds for Running – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

Before you start running with your dog, it’s important to ease them into it. Start at a comfortable pace for both you and your dog and work your way up in speed and distance, as needed. Once you’ve been running with them for a week, add another half mile and ten minutes. After about a month or two, you and your dog should be able to handle a four- or five-mile run. It is recommended that you have a day or two between each run for you both to rest.


They are best for long steady runs, going fast, or running on trails. This energetic breed needs a lot of mental and physical stimulation, and are extremely loyal to their owners, making them an excellent running partner.

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German Shorthaired Pointers-

This high energy, medium sized hunting dog is smart and eager to tag along on just about any run-short distance, long distance, and hikes.

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This dog is a ball of energy that needs at least a hour of activity a day! They can cover a lot of ground and can stand higher temperatures. Because of their long gait, they are also able to auto cruise at slower paces with you as well.

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Greyhounds are best for short, brisk runs, and are known for being on the racing tracks. They are very independent and gentle dogs, and are love running with their person. They are just not able to run for long periods of time.

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Pit Bulls-

Pit bulls are best for short, brisk runs. Pit bulls are a pleasure to run with once they learn not to pull the leash. They are low to the ground and excel at running shorter distances.

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Golden and Labrador Retrievers-

Although they are different breeds, they have similar running styles. They are extremely friendly and get along with everybody and are easy to train.

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