Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

              Dogs are the most popular furry friend for people regardless where they live. Some dogs will thrive and be happy in an apartment sized castle, but some dogs need larger spaces in order to be happy and healthy. Of course, the general size of the dog is taken into consideration, but that’s not the only thing. It depends on how much energy the dog has, exercise they will need, what your landlord will allow and what space your home provides. We have compiled a list of a few dogs that are generally happy with smaller amounts of space to roam.

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Pekingese- These dogs normally stay small and are generally on the quieter side. The don’t need as much exercise and don’t mind being alone during the day. Pekingese are lovers and normally want a lot of love and attention from their owners.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel- This is another smaller dog that loves to be cuddled and loved on. They enjoy human company in general if that means a ten-minute walk or an hour-long walk. Although they are fine with being adventurous, they are just as comfortable having a chill day in. They normally are quiet but have been known to get loud when they see something out the window.

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French or English Bull Dogs-These pups are easy going and small. Normally quiet, they can be curious but don’t require a ton of exercise. When it gets hot out, try and keep them in the air condition as they can overheat quickly.

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Pugs- These small and playful dogs can adapt to just about any environment. They like to go anywhere their human wants to go and don’t need a lot of outdoor exercise. They will be fine with much of their day being inside. Pugs do snore, so try and get some ear plugs when you pick your pug up for the first time.

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Scottish or Tibetan Terrier- These small pets are very lovable and get along with small children extremely well. A daily walk and playing with their toys around the house are enough exercise for these sweet dogs. They don’t normally bark excessively unless they are bored. Scottish terriers run small, and Tibetan terriers normally aren’t over 20 pounds which will be within the guidelines of most apartment complexes.

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Basenji- They are smaller dogs know as being the oldest breed of domesticated dogs. They are referred to as “the barkless dog”, which is great for apartment dwellers.

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