If you have a pets, you know you’re always looking for a fun, exciting, new way to keep them entertained.  And, if you’re like me, Amazon is an go-to for easy, affordable shopping option for pet toys.  Being a parent to a dog and 3 cats, I’ve purchased my fair share of pet toys!  Below, are some items that I’ve bought via Amazon that my pets love.   You can also check out the reviews from other customers on Amazon.  I wanted to make this post to share with you to help you decide on the best toy for your pets.

image courtesy of Amazon
Duchess in action with her fish and mouse toys!

Youngever 7 Cat Toys Assortment 5 Refillable Catnip Fish Cat Toys

This is my most recent purchase.  You can see my kitties’ first impressions here!  These are well-made, with zippered pouches to make refilling with catnip very easy.  Their lifelike artistic design makes them a lot of fun!  They also include 2 free fuzzy mice!

image courtesy of Amazon
Sammy Star cuddling with his caterpillar

35-inch Caterpillar Dog Toy from Patchwork

This large toy is great for any size dog!  My 17 lb. chi-pom LOVES this toy and my boyfriend’s 45 lb. pitbull LOVES it, too!  It’s got squeakers and a rattle for loads of interactive fun.

image courtesy of Amazon

Multipet 12-inch Plush Squeaker Dog Toy

My dog LOVES plush squeaker toys!  The trouble is, he loves to remove the squeakers from the toy….then, the toy isn’t so much fun.  But, I found a wonderful solution….multi-squeaker toys!  These have minimal stuffing, as well.  These are a terrific value because they last a lot longer.

image courtesy of Amazon

Colorful Springs Cat Toys

My kitties go bonkers over these springs!  They keep them entertained!  These springs provide solo fun and “keep away game” fun!


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